Examining Modern-Day Witch Hunts

The most merciless and widespread European witch hunts occurred in the 16th and 17th centuries, and are presumably a thing of the past. Author and feminist historian Silvia Federici is working to keep those memories alive—because only by examining the parallels between history and the present can we prevent that level of brutality from being unleashed again.

What the Stories of the “Broadcast 41” Reveal About the #MeToo Movement

In the late 1940s, the Cold War closed in around a small but potentially powerful cohort of successful women in film and broadcasting, and a conservative backlash began to take shape. As a new backlash coalesces in response to the #MeToo movement, their stories tell us much about repression, resistance and resilience.

Rest in Power: Paying Respect to Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul

“Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, is dead.” That line plays in my mind like a badly scratched record, hiccupping at one point—“is dead, is dead, is dead” repeating itself over and over again.

Fight Like a Girl: Preserving Feminist History in Austin, Texas

UT Austin history professor Laurie Green wanted the women from her city who made history to be remembered. In a new mini-documentary, conversations with movement leaders bring their milestones to life.

Daring to Remember: Two-and-a-Half Illegal Abortions

“When I got back to my apartment, there was a note on my bed, in the middle of all the blood, from my boyfriend—saying he had stopped in to see how I was doing. “

Daring to Remember: The Stories of Women Who Died Because They Had No Choice

Ms. community members shared the stories of the women in their families who died in the years before Roe from unsafe or self-induced abortions.

Daring to Remember: The Women I Met Underground

Never did I see a woman who thought abortion was desirable. It was the best of bad options. It was the only way out of an untenable situation.

Daring to Remember: My Illegal Abortion Gave Me My Life Back

The gynecologist who examined me was unhelpful, referring obliquely to “some doctor someplace in Pennsylvania.” But that was all she could offer me. This was 1966. Abortion was illegal.

Daring to Remember: Ms. Co-Founder Letty Cottin Pogrebin Looks Back on Illegal Abortions Before Roe

“I would have killed myself. This isn’t hyperbole. If I couldn’t have had an abortion at 18, I would have killed myself—because I couldn’t see how I could possibly live my life.”

Daring to Remember: When Ann Called Jane

In the years before Roe, the women of the Jane Collective took the fight for abortion access into their own hands—literally.

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