Global Women’s Progress Report

I have criticized sloppy statistical work by some international feminist organizations, so I’m glad to have a chance to point out a useful new report and website. The Progress of the World’s Women is from the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. The full-blown site has an executive summary, a […]

Top 10 Wins for Women’s Movements

On the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, the Global Fund for Women (GFW) looks back over the past year and celebrates some of the extraordinary victories won by women’s movements around the world. From progressive new national and international legislation to mass mobilizations for peace, we celebrate the hard work of our grantee partners. […]

Startling Stats on Transgender Discrimination

We’ve all heard the expression: “Kids can be so cruel.” Now we have stats to back it up, at least in terms of their treatment of gender-nonconforming children. A new study shows that the non-conformers face rates of cruel harassment and discrimination far higher than cisgender kids–and that discrimination has palpable effects in adulthood. According […]

NEWSFLASH: “Forcible Rape” Language Removed From Anti-Abortion Bill

Less than a week after news broke about the introduction of the term ‘forcible rape’ into the Republican-proposed No Taxpayer Funding for Abortions bill, the bill’s authors have backed down and removed the provision. The new definition of rape would have excluded such crimes as date rapes and drug- or alcohol- related rapes from an […]

This Just In: How Women Are Faring in the Workplace

Women may have fared a bit better than men in job retention during the height of last year’s so-called “mancession,” but a new report reveals that women remain underpaid and underrecognized in the workplace—despite playing an increasingly crucial role in the U.S. economy. The report from the U.S. Congress’ Joint Economic Committee has the usual […]

How We’re Doing: $1.8 Million for Non-Traditional Job Support

Always wanted to be a carpenter, a firefighter, or a dentist? If you’re a woman, now’s your chance. Last month, six community-based organizations were awarded $1.8 million in grants by the U.S. Department of Labor to support women pursuing non-traditional occupations (NTOs)–those in which less than 25 percent of the employees are women. The grants […]

Study Shows Women and Minority Supreme Court Nominees Face Extra Flak

A new report from University of Georgia Law school gives proof that, as a woman, Elena Kagan faces particular hurdles as she vies to become the newest Supreme Court Justice. The report, an empirical analysis of Senate Judiciary Committee hearings between 1939 and 2009, finds that women and minority nominees are held to higher standards […]

How We’re Doing: the Real Numbers on Immigrants and Crime

You’ve probably heard the right-wing canard that illegal immigrants cause higher crime rates. And if you’re like the majority of the public, you believe it, as the pie chart (based on a 2000 General Social Survey) shows. So hurray for Tim Wadsworth of the University of Colorado at Boulder for publishing new research that debunks this […]

How We’re Doing: Women Experts on the Radio

It seems NPR isn’t quite as balanced as we think–or so NPR ombudsman Alicia Shepard discovered after conducting a gender analysis of the network’s programming. With the help of NPR librarian Hannah Somers, Shepard examined how often women appeared as commentators and experts on the network’s regular programs over 15 months. The pair found that, […]

How We’re Doing: Maternal Mortality Increasing in the US

In the ongoing furor over abortion and health care, there’s an issue at the intersection of the two that has gone little-examined: maternal health. A new Amnesty International report released before this weekend’s critical vote–in combination with a call for action to President Obama–reveals a problem that remains under most people’s radar: Maternal mortality rates […]

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