Reflections in Oshun’s Mirror: Beyoncé Mass, the Royal Wedding and Highly Visible Black Girl Magic

Days before waking up in the wee hours to watch the wedding of American actor Meghan Markle and British royal Prince Harry, I was already pondering the meaning of a different service: “Beyoncé Mass,” held at the Grace Cathedral Church in San Francisco.

How LGBTQ Politics are Shaping Alabama’s Gubernatorial Race

The chain of events over the past week that led to the septuagenarian governor’s denunciation of claims that she was a closeted lesbian have injected some turmoil into an otherwise sleepy Republican primary in Alabama.

Birth Control Empowered Me to Build the Career and Family Life That I Wanted—On My Own Terms

I am thankful for birth control—and the ways it empowered me to determine not just my family matters, but my economic life.

Masculinity Is Broken, But It Isn’t Hopeless

Men can actively make different choices about what masculinity means. Why are they wringing their hands about the fact that it’s broken?

Talkin’ About a Revolution: JP Howard on Raising Her Fist—and Queer Women’s Voices

“It is crucial, in fact necessary, to have literary spaces like Sinister Wisdom to raise our voices, lift our symbolic fists and say ‘We are here! We are not going anywhere. We refuse to be silenced.'”

The Horror Moves West

The heart of darkness, “the horror, the horror” of which Joseph Conrad warned, lies not in some distant jungle—but right here, in our midst.

Can an Exiled Lesbian Exist?

More than half a century ago, Virginia Woolf wrote: “As a woman I have no country. As a woman I want no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world.” I can now add: “As a lesbian, my country is nowhere in a controlled and prejudiced world, but elsewhere in a free and tolerant world.”

Fighting for Black Girlhood

A new study reveals that among a slew of other biases, American adults think black girls are less innocent and less in need of protection than white girls.

Listening to Learn: Becoming Allies with Muslim Women

75 community members greeted each other and quietly took their seats as Muslim women were given microphones. For two hours of uninterrupted time, the speakers shared about their lives, their faith, the challenges they face and ways everyone in the room could be allies.

The UN is Finally Taking on Cultural Appropriation

Indigenous advocates have been calling for a ban on the cultural appropriation of their cultures for years—and now the United Nations is finally taking note.

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