Reverse Mentoring with GenMaverick: The Five Best Lessons I Learned From Teen Feminists

At the inaugural Maverick Live Summit in Los Angeles, teens took the stage to celebrate the new app’s intent to empower young girls to use their voices—and shared honest stories about their paths to incredible accomplishments.

 Mississippi, God Damn!

Just one week after I set foot in America, I met Nina Simone—and the dream that I had sheltered since I was four years old began its journey toward reality.

Rumplestiltskin’s American Dream

I decide the paradox of choice lay in the fact that “Americans” don’t need an American dream, while ours was confined to a Hobson’s choice. I wonder why my citizenship certificate didn’t give me a fast pass to a dream my parents sacrificed everything for.

To Menopause and Beyond

My personal journey through the transition we dare not discuss compels me to break the silence around menopause.

Thefts and Secrecy

Too many survivors face the same brutal question I did as a child: How much might they might lose, how much more trauma might they bear, should their secrets become known?

We Were the Class of 1982

I graduated from high school the same year as Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee accused of sexual assault by multiple women. I came up in the same culture. Now, I can’t help but find myself looking back.

How Implicit Bias Shaped the Testimonies in and Perceptions of the Kavanaugh Hearings 

He yelled. She calmly measured her words. He displayed raw anger. She acknowledged being terrified. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford played out their assigned gender roles to a “T” during last week’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.

Growing Up a Damsel

I grew up a damsel. I am done with that now.

How Evangelical Theology Supports a Culture of Sexual Abuse

Most people scoffed when Bill Clinton famously proclaimed that he “did not have sexual relations with that woman” when his relationship with Monica Lewinsky became public. Now, evangelist Franklin Graham is asserting that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh actually showed Dr. Christine Blasey Ford respect by not “finishing” what she alleges was an attempted rape in high school that left her traumatized for decades.

The Transformative Power of Women’s Anger

In her new book, “Rage Becomes Her,” writer and activist Soraya Chemaly explores our culture’s discomfort with women’s anger—and calls on women to defiantly express it anyway.

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