Today, I’m Celebrating My Working Mom

Too often, we don’t take the time to thank our moms for all of the things they do for us while they’re juggling the rest of their responsibilities. That’s why this year, the Girl Scouts Heart of the South are making the time.

Reclaiming My Mother’s Legacy—And My Own Identity

I was a mother. What more did I want? “Me” wasn’t considered an acceptable answer. 

Remembering a Generation of Stuck Women

Highly educated women these days rightfully protest the torturous trade-offs required in pursuit of “having it all,” but we tend to forget our forerunners: a generation of women stuck between distant history and modern struggle.

It Takes a Village: Celebrating Collective Mothering

Collective mothering is a valuable part of the social fabric of many communities around the world—and on Mother’s Day, feminists should honor chosen mothers, other mothers, adoptive mothers and community mothers.

Let the Secrets be Damned, Not the Women

It’s Oscars time in the era of #MeToo and #TimesUp—and fittingly, many of the Best Picture nominees are films whose plot lines expose secrets.

It Takes a Village: How the U.S. Can Lift Up Single Moms

I see how single mothers and their children could thrive if our businesses, institutions and lawmakers learned from our communities.

Flying Out of Bed

I know why I haven’t spoken about the violence that shaped my life. If the holding of pain is hard, the speaking of it to a world that does not want to hear is not a risk most of us will take.

#MeToo: Over 30 Years Later, I’m Reporting My Harassers

When the #MeToo movement first emerged, I thought that I had no interest in saying the words myself.

The Price of Being First

I had been a member of that Integration Generation, a “first,” a foot soldier enlisted to break barriers that should never have been erected in the first place. Now, I would need to develop new survival skills that would get me past the minefields of race and gender firsts.

Making Space for Girls

This year, four Pascua Yaqui Native American girls got the chance to be the first of their tribe to go Space Camp.

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