‘Tis the Season to Be Notorious: The Feminist RBG Holiday Gift Guide

There’s no truth without Ruth—and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t spend the season spreading her spirit of feminist righteousness! 

Thelma, Louise and #MeToo

I’m fed up with the Midwestern grin-and-bear-it notion of strength I was raised on, stoicism tempered with niceness. On the plane, the ending of Thelma & Louise made the 40-something me cry because I have driven off too many cliffs in this lifetime already.

Why I Say #MeToo

If I was no longer a victim of my uncle, what would that give me? Ultimately, I found the answer: It made me the strong woman I am today.

Feminism, Aging and Discovering Senior Space

Media, books and the world at-large told me in my mid-sixties that I hadn’t really changed at all, that “sixty was the new forty.” I believed them, and I was shocked by my growing sense of confusion and disorientation.

Healing from Hate: How the KKK Took My Health Away

When I was five years old, he joined the Ku Klux Klan; eventually, he became the North Carolina faction’s Grand Dragon. Although I now live in peace, much physical healing from the hate he espoused still lies ahead for me.

Are You Ready for the Feminine Revolution?

It’s true: I have always been enthusiastic and had more obvious feelings than others in a room. That’s why I loved reading “The Feminine Revolution” by Catherine Connors and Amy Stanton, which encouraged women like me to reframe old standards that have claimed that “traditional” feminine traits are weak or bad.

(More) Notes to Their Younger Selves: Five Pieces of Advice for Young Feminists from Women of Color

“We don’t have to subscribe to people who want us to make ourselves smaller. We need to liberate ourselves to live boldly in our fullness.”

I’m Not Ready to Make Nice—I’m Ready to Make Change

It is not only our right, but our responsibility to speak up and demand recognition, liberation and change—for ourselves and for those whose situations are so dire that they cannot speak for themselves. To do so, we must embrace kindness and empowerment and reject “niceness” and complacency.

Mothers of Sons Should Be Scared—of Sexism, Patriarchy and Misogyny

I’m a feminist raising boys in Trump and Kavanaugh’s America—and I’m scared for my sons, too.

The Ms. Q&A: How Linda Kay Klein Broke Free from Purity Culture

“This is not really a story about these people over here who are doing something totally different from everybody else. It’s a story about a population of people experiencing an intensified, deified form of something that has touched almost all of our lives.”

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