Gender Politics at the Barre

I have a love-hate relationship with Pure Barre. I find fault in the franchise’s ideology and the culture it promotes—and strength in the way my body responds to the exercise. 

Seventeen and Kazakh

“I don’t want to tell a lie. Sometimes I feel conflicting inside. I have to talk and read mostly Mongolian. Sometimes I forget—special Kazakh words, songs. Sometimes I try to talk with my relatives who don’t know Mongolian, and I can’t understand.”

The Climate Scientist’s Wife

“I met my second husband, Clyde, because of the three-day rain.”

The Roving Paleontologist

“We started in the Gobi Dessert with a traveling trunk. Inside the trunk we had dinosaurs—fossils and tools for paleontology. We reached out to nomadic kids in small towns. They looked inside our trunk. It was their first time seeing a dinosaur.”

To Reckon with #MeToo, Southern Baptists Need to Reckon With Theology

Paige Patterson’s behavior toward women makes perfectly good sense within a theological context that denies women’s full humanity.

Mother of Mongols

“I mean, there are amazing amazing people out there, Mongolians. I didn’t understand. But I didn’t really think much about it. I just left it.”

The C-Word You Should Never Call a Woman

If it makes you a “C-word” to stand up for yourself, to work hard, to speak truth to power, to not let a man take advantage of your body, to fight for the rights of marginalized voices—then yes, vagina, I am a cunt!

The Horsehead Fiddler

“Now, women collect money and feed the family and take care of the home. It is more easy for women to get the education and the jobs. It is more easy for men to get flying horses.”

The Hatmaker’s Daughter

“The loovuuz is my favorite hat, because it is easy to make, and it is for everyone. You wear a loovuuz, no one knows all the things about you.”

The Ms. Q&A: Dr. Brené Brown Wants Feminists to Choose Courage Over Comfort

We spoke to four-time bestselling author Dr. Brené Brown about the ways gender intersects with her work on boundaries, the vulnerability of the #MeToo movement and her favorite feminists.

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