Closing Time at the Boys’ Club

I first confronted the “boys’ club” 20 years ago. Today, it’s still alive and well.

When Immigration Becomes a Pathway to Exploitation

Paola came to the U.S. with a legal work visa but suffered exploitation and trafficking. She escaped, reported and cooperated with a law enforcement investigation. And she has spent more than four months and counting in detention.

The Harvey Weinstein Allegations Are More Than a Scandal—They’re a Call to Arms

Let the Harvey Weinstein scandal be a call to arms. Let it be the last hand-wringing and the next reckoning. I want us all to be so furious that it inspires real, tangible change.

It’s Time for Female Athletes to Take Back Title IX from the Trump Administration

Title IX needs a champion—and it needs one now. What if the sports heroes of Title IX formed the frontlines of the fight against campus sexual assault?

Taking Back Their Power and Their Country

In 2013, the Central African Republic was driven into a war. Women and girls remain the most affected—as both as targets of rape and sexual slavery as a tactic of war.

Power (And Mentorship) For Girls!

Many tout the rhetoric of “the American Dream,” saying that hard work does pay off. But as a girl, mentorship was the missing piece of my dream.

Plan C: Medication Abortion By Mail

Chances are there’s an app in today’s digital marketplace that can help you find anything you want—and have it in-hand within days, if not hours. What if obtaining an abortion was that easy?

Writing Resistance: Literature as the Antidote to Despair

We are also a nation that has produced gifted writers able to unmask ignorance, corruption, hypocrisy and knee-jerk nationalism—often with a faith that recognizing these alarming flaws is a first step towards becoming the kind of society that rejects them.

We Must Help Girls and Young Women Advocate for Their Health—and Themselves

We need young women and girls—now and in the future. Their health, and the questions they’re never told to ask, shouldn’t stop them.

Thoughts on Patriotism, Trump and Taking a Knee from a Former NFL Cheerleader

If Trump ever tried to cheer for all Americans, he would then realize that our strength as a united team is and always has been great. 

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