Excuse This Disruption: #MeToo Must Not Neglect Race

This moment is a pivotal one for our movement: Eric Schneiderman’s racism should provoke just as much disgust and demand for accountability as his misogyny.

Speaking Truth to Power is Women’s Work

None of the hullabaloo was actually about Michelle Wolf or her White House Correspondent’s Dinner monologue. It was about a tale as old of time—one of the persistent gaslighting of women who speak truth to power.

From #MeToo to a Movement: Building an Intersectional, Global Framework for Transformative Change

While all women stand to benefit from initiatives like #TimesUp, it will take hard work to make sure no one gets left behind, or left out altogether.

The Workplace Myth That Perpetuates Sexual Harassment

This is not merely a problem of men abusing their power—this is the result of a culture that denies, suppresses and distorts our understandings of sexuality.

From a Whisper to a Shout

In the era of #MeToo, whisper networks went public—and proved that women’s voices and collective power can lead to real-life victories in the fight to end workplace sexism.

Reproductive Justice is Climate Justice: Why I’m Celebrating My IUD This Earth Day

Three years ago, on Earth Day, I became the proud owner of an IUD. The decision wasn’t just a great choice for my own health—it was also a great way to improve my carbon footprint.

Cowardice in Publishing Won’t Silence My #MeToo Story

This is the story I was told not to tell. This is the story publishers wouldn’t touch.

Beyond the Pipeline: Fighting for Women and Girls of Color in STEM

Degrees alone cannot squelch assumptions and unconscious biases. Building the STEM pipeline, and filling it with women of color, requires addressing equity and systematic issues in the field. 

It’s Time for Another Female Secretary of State—and Many More Women Diplomats

If the decision-makers are always male, women do not get a fair hearing—and their perspectives are sorely needed today.

Why Stormy Daniels Shouldn’t Show Us Those Photos

If Stormy Daniels has explicit photos of the president, should she leak them? Political beliefs and positions should not complicate a very simple answer: No.

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