Beyond a Hashtag

Our daughters deserve a world where they can be free, ambitious and brave. Our sons deserve a world where they don’t have to perform violent masculinity in order to be seen as “man enough.” In the wake of #MeToo, we must make this world a reality.

Confronting Sexual Harassment and Hostile Climates in Higher Education

Over a 25 year period, women and people of color—faculty, staff, and graduate students—fled the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Communication. No one found it remarkable when the men stayed.

What We Can Learn From Women’s Historic Election Wins

We should seize the opportunity to learn from trailblazing new leaders and think big about what women who are now considering running for office might gain from their examples.

This Is How We Stop the #MeToo Backlash

While we are seeing some accused men resigning or being fired as of late, in other arenas we are seeing them double-down. We must fight the backlash.

Women Will Keep Speaking Out—And The World Must Keep Listening

Women have spoken when no one is listening and women have spoken when the whole world is listening. 

Between Sexual Assault and Sex Panic

We must believe that most women understand the difference between the single inappropriate hug or a random sexual joke and rape and harassment.

We Must Shatter Silence—And Shift Our Sexist Culture

It is not a “culture of secrecy” that must end in politics. What must end is our gendered culture that has privileged men’s desires and needs over the safety and security of women.

We Need Women’s Voices in Media—Beyond Their Stories About Powerful Men

The #MeToo stories flooding the media landscape are giving women voice. Will they grant women more credence beyond the wake of Weinstein?

Beyond Abstractions: Confronting Trans-Directed Violence

We must move forward in the fight against gender-based violence. And we must do so with transgender communities in mind.

Small But Mighty: Independent News Outlets Are Making An Outsized Impact

The message of a new study is clear: If we want to foster robust conversations about national policy, we need to continue to support independent news outlets.

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