Sorry, Rick Santorum: Single Moms Aren’t to Blame for Gun Violence

Blame for the Parkland shooting that left 17 dead last month has been cast in many directions—and Rick Santorum took to the airwaves to pin the tragedy on single mothers.

The Cost of Being a Girl: Working Teens and the Origins of the Gender Wage Gap

More than two-thirds of teenagers work while still in school—and the wage gap starts before they graduate.

We Don’t Help Most Victims When #MeToo Becomes About Punishing Abusers

“Beyond a reasonable doubt” is an important part of our legal system, but we need to make sure this standard of evidence stays in the courtroom—and that our vision for a world without rape, assault and harassment extends beyond it.

#NeverAgain: The Bloody Epidemic of Gun Violence Ends Now

Students across the country have shown us the way. We must be bold and follow their lead.

Where Have All The Good Men Gone? Include Them in Sexual Violence Prevention

We cannot rewrite history to ignore the fact that a culture of violence by men against women has existed for generations in the U.S. and in the world. But without gender-inclusive teamwork, the #MeToo movement will not reach effective solutions.

The Fear of Sexual Harassment is Robbing Women of Work Around the World

As long as sexual harassment is tolerated and those who perpetrate it can do so with impunity, women’s ability to earn a living for themselves and their families will be unfairly curtailed.

If You Want Peace Done Right, Ask a Woman

There seems to be no crisis, no simmering conflict, no active war or threat of violence that Trump isn’t set on making worse. Thankfully, women around the world are countering his macho blathering with a real peace agenda.

Young Women are Leading a Renewed Battle for Women’s Rights Around the World

A century on from the first International Women’s Day, young women are lifting the veil off the systems that have perpetuated discrimination and violence and calling them out.

Masculinity Is Broken, But It Isn’t Hopeless

Men can actively make different choices about what masculinity means. Why are they wringing their hands about the fact that it’s broken?

Women and Children First

Women—often young women and more often than not women of color—are assuming the leadership of modern movements for intersectional social justice. These are not the fantasies of a fervent feminist. These are just the facts.

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