Securing Labor Rights for (Modern) Working Women

As the economy shifts away from traditional employment models and toward a “gig economy,” it becomes even more imperative that we realize the heavy price some people pay in the way of labor rights to stay afloat.

Well-Intentioned Efforts at “Reform” Have Uniquely Hurt Incarcerated Women

We need more than benign purpose to craft policy. What women are facing now in the criminal justice system is proof.

When We Criticize Survivors, We Ignore Those Who Didn’t Survive

This conversation cannot wait, and this is certainly not the time to tear down anti-sexual harassment activists. We must keep moving forward—not pushing back. For women of color in particular, that is the only way to survive.

Our Sex Trafficking Laws Hurt Sexually Exploited Girls

A call to action on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

#TimesUp on Period Stigma, Too

As Hollywood opens the red carpet to social change—and celebrities and others open their wallets to the movement—here’s another hashtag to add to the mix: #MenstruationMatters.

A New Kind of Birth Story

Many women learn about parenthood philosophies so they can have the right parenting behaviors—but what hasn’t been encouraged is how to enter parenthood with the right emotional and psychological well-being.

What Young Women Do Understand

We aren’t sticking our fingers in our ears and screaming to drown out the noise—we are picking up the phones and posters and creating the noise.

A Reflection on Two Femicides

Male dominion over women’s lives must stop. Institutional support for men’s violence must stop. Rape and sexual harassment must stop. It’s all connected and it all must stop. 

Miscarriage of Justice

Rather than receiving the support of friends and family after her stillbirth, Teodora del Carmen Vásquez found herself surrounded by police officers. She could not afford a defense attorney. She was convicted of aggravated homicide and sentenced to 30 years in jail. 

To Pluck a Brown Feathered Goose: On Being a Woman of Color in National Security

Breaking into the national security sector—and rising within it—is a daunting task for women of color. And that’s bad for everyone.

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