Power (And Mentorship) For Girls!

Many tout the rhetoric of “the American Dream,” saying that hard work does pay off. But as a girl, mentorship was the missing piece of my dream.

Plan C: Medication Abortion By Mail

Chances are there’s an app in today’s digital marketplace that can help you find anything you want—and have it in-hand within days, if not hours. What if obtaining an abortion was that easy?

Writing Resistance: Literature as the Antidote to Despair

We are also a nation that has produced gifted writers able to unmask ignorance, corruption, hypocrisy and knee-jerk nationalism—often with a faith that recognizing these alarming flaws is a first step towards becoming the kind of society that rejects them.

We Must Help Girls and Young Women Advocate for Their Health—and Themselves

We need young women and girls—now and in the future. Their health, and the questions they’re never told to ask, shouldn’t stop them.

Thoughts on Patriotism, Trump and Taking a Knee from a Former NFL Cheerleader

If Trump ever tried to cheer for all Americans, he would then realize that our strength as a united team is and always has been great. 

Saudi Women Will Soon Be Behind the Wheel—But They’re Still Not in the Driver’s Seat

Saudi women—who have been the only women in the world banned from driving—will have that right as of June 2018, but they remain shackled by extreme gender segregation and a guardianship system that is a form of gender apartheid.

Gender Studies Will Destroy (Save) the World!

The global rise of highly masculinist and misogynist—not to mention homophobic, white supremacist and just plain scary—regimes has granted gender studies a lot of attention. And boy, oh boy, do all the misogynists have their knickers in a twist.

Fixing What They Can’t See

Catherine Mayer opens up about why she’s suing TIME for gender and age discrimination—and what she has already won.

Ignoring Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan is Not the Right “Path Forward”

“We are here to kill terrorists” is not a strategy. Instead, it is tantamount to cutting off the head of hydra—where one is cut, two more grow.

What’s Missing From Trump’s New Strategy in Afghanistan: Supporting Women

If there is any hope of security or a semblance of peace in Afghanistan, the plan must necessarily include the fate of women. 

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