No More Masks: Celebrating a Landmark Anthology of Women’s Poetry 45 Years Later

In 1971, Goucher College professor Florence Howe and her student Ellen Bass gave themselves a prompt: Could they, solely from memory, recite poems by women about women’s lives?

Birth Control Empowered Me to Build the Career and Family Life That I Wanted—On My Own Terms

I am thankful for birth control—and the ways it empowered me to determine not just my family matters, but my economic life.

Excuse This Disruption: #MeToo Must Not Neglect Race

This moment is a pivotal one for our movement: Eric Schneiderman’s racism should provoke just as much disgust and demand for accountability as his misogyny.

The Ms. Q&A: Carla Gutierrez on Editing RBG and Learning Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Notorious History

It was Carla Gutierrez’s job to go through of footage of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life and career as editor of the new documentary about her life—and in the process, shape the narrative around one of the most iconic women in America. We talked to her about feminist history, meeting Ginsburg herself and what it’s like in a post-RBG world.

Eight Feminist Reads for Mother’s Day

In eight books out this year, feminists take on motherhood—from the pregnancy industrial complex to postpartum depression—and open up about their own mothers, the demands of family life and the power of intergenerational feminism.

Black Mamas as Muses

Two artists featured in this year’s Mama’s Day campaign open up about their own Black mamas—and why celebrating their lives is a part of their praxis.

This Week in Women: Pushing Back on the Political Debates Over Women’s Lives

Immediately after New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman resigned over domestic abuse allegations, we saw a “debate” emerge in media over who is worse to women: Democrats or Republicans. But is this really a political story?

Why You Should Buy Your Mom a Video Game for Mother’s Day

The women in your life need more leisure that they can get lost in. They need leisure that is overwhelming with identity play, puzzles, art and complex narratives. Your mother deserves to get some play—and you should give it to her.

Today, I’m Celebrating My Working Mom

Too often, we don’t take the time to thank our moms for all of the things they do for us while they’re juggling the rest of their responsibilities. That’s why this year, the Girl Scouts Heart of the South are making the time.

Reclaiming My Mother’s Legacy—And My Own Identity

I was a mother. What more did I want? “Me” wasn’t considered an acceptable answer. 

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