Before #MeToo, Women in Local Arts Communities Were Organizing for Accountability

Women have been working, fighting, organizing, speaking out and battling the status quo in their local communities for decades—and #MeToo is their watershed moment, too. 

The Ms. Q&A: Florence Schechter is Building a Vagina Museum

“When I realized there was no vagina museum, I knew it would never exist unless I made it. I wasn’t going to wait around for someone else to have the idea independently.”

War on Women Report No. 18

Trump and his cabinet, staff members and surrogates were called out this week for sexist remarks and their inaction on gun violence in the wake of the Parkland shooting. His administration also quietly escalated its attack on Planned Parenthood.

This Week in Women: Making Every Day International Women’s Day

Women’s voices broke through on International Women’s Day. Let’s make the day after just as empowering.

Hacking for Inclusion: MIT Students Are Fighting Inequality with Technology

MIT students, professors and alumni are credited with the creation of concepts and inventions as varied as refined oil, the Internet and the Human Genome Project. Now, they’re coming together to craft solutions to combat discrimination and bias.

I Know a Woman: Gloria Steinem’s Pathway as a Feminist Pioneer

Behind every great woman… is another great woman. Kate Hodges traces Gloria Steinem’s path to being a feminist pioneer—and the women she met along the way.

Connecting Rural and Urban Women’s Struggles for International Women’s Day

UN Women’s theme for their International Women’s Day commemoration this year echoed the sentiments of solidarity that have always made for effective feminism.

The Women The New York Times Overlooked

The New York Times has launched Overlooked, the new project in which they are publishing the obituaries of past figures disregarded by the paper and by society at large. 

WATCH: The Official Trailer for RBG is Here

We just checked. She’s still notorious.

The Fear of Sexual Harassment is Robbing Women of Work Around the World

As long as sexual harassment is tolerated and those who perpetrate it can do so with impunity, women’s ability to earn a living for themselves and their families will be unfairly curtailed.

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