Hate Crimes are Increasing—Likely More Than We Realize

The FBI says hate crimes have risen 17 percent. What would the number be if people felt safe reporting?

Ms. Muse: What Happens When You Give a Girl a Pen

This is what can happen when you ask a girl to tell a story.

Solidarity with Black Women Journalists Beyond the Briefing Room

Trump’s targeting of black women journalists is troubling, but not surprising. Based on research I conducted, insults like the ones he hurled at three black women journalists in two days this month come regularly from white men within newsrooms.

#SquadGoals We All Should Have 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took the internet by storm last week with an Instagram photo captioned with just one word: “Squad.” That post summed up the future we’ve been fighting for: a government made up of diverse women, who reflect the communities they represent. Women who have run as they are, and women who won as they are.

Women of Color in Washington are Getting to Work—and Facing Down Their Detractors

After the midterm election was won by women of color, with so many historic “firsts” being made in the process, our president was not in a good mood, especially when it came to journalists who happened also to be women of color trying to do their jobs.

Uncovering Trump’s Techniques in Deception

I’m a magician, and I know exactly what tricks Donald Trump has up his sleeve. Here are seven of them.

Inside NARAL’s Three-Step Plan to Protect Abortion Access

The midterm elections reminded feminists nationwide that the fight to defend abortion rights remains far from over. That’s why, as ballots were still being counted in some states, NARAL Pro-Choice America announced a new three-step strategy to secure reproductive freedom for women in every state.

Walking the Walk: How Janet Prindle Rebuilt the Ethics of Wall Street

When Janet Prindle started working on Wall Street in 1962, she had few female colleagues and no female managers. That didn’t stop her from making her mark—and creating an organization to extend her powerful legacy.

Thelma, Louise and #MeToo

I’m fed up with the Midwestern grin-and-bear-it notion of strength I was raised on, stoicism tempered with niceness. On the plane, the ending of Thelma & Louise made the 40-something me cry because I have driven off too many cliffs in this lifetime already.

Black Feminist in Public: Tamura Lomax on Discourse, Power and the Misreading of Jezebel

“The individual is significant. I think that’s how we get to the discourse in the first place. But now it’s time to move into the systemic, the institutional, the structural.”

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