The Ms. Q&A: Sayantani DasGupta Wants to Empower Girls to Slay Their Demons

We spoke with DasGupta about growing up in a feminist household, politically conscious parenting as an essential form of activism and inviting girls to be what they can see.

The Ms. Q&A: Barbara Smith on Finding Hope in the Struggle

Barbara Smith, co-founder of the Combahee River Collective, talked to us about its legacy in the feminist movement, intersectionality and identity politics.

The Ms. Q&A: Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Alicia Garza on Getting Intersectionality Right

“What does it mean that intersectionality is now being talked about as some kind of weird diversity project as opposed to an analysis of how power interacts with itself and each other? And what is at stake when we don’t get it right?”

Activism From the Streets to the Screen

When war and genocide burst through Cambodia, Loung Ung was a 5-year-old girl scrambling to stay enough steps ahead of starvation, exhaustion, disease and the Khmer Rouge to survive.

Ava Bogle is Fighting Shame to Save Humanity

“For me, my feminism is intrinsically connected to my sexuality. To me, these things go hand in hand.”

Actor and Director Karen Allen Wants More Progress in Hollywood

A lot has changed since Marion Ravenwood punched Indiana Jones. But not enough.

The Ms. Q&A: Gloria Steinem on #MeToo and Believing Women After Weinstein

“We who make up the country can act as we want our country to act. We can vote and organize and give money and ask questions and listen to each other.”

Feminist Embroiderer Isabel Bürger is Stitching Away Period Stigma

Isabel Bürger has taken to Instagram to fight against the stigmatization of menstruation—by stitching delicate and powerful embroideries that depict periods on bodies of shapes and sizes. She talked to Ms. about her work, her inspiration and confronting menstrual blood.

Q&A: Playwright Kati Schwartz on Finding Political Humor in Personal Pain

“I think women, and all artists, should put their efforts into whatever medium they’re the most drawn to. There’s a huge need for the authentic voices of women and gender non-binary people, and there’s no real telling where opportunity lies.”

The Ms. Q&A: The Simpsons Writer Carolyn Omine on Being the Only Woman in the Room

Four-time Emmy Award-winning producer and writer Carolyn Omine—the only woman on The Simpsons writing staff—took some time to chat with us about outshining sexism, channeling her inner Lisa and finding the humanity in her characters.

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