This Week in Women: We Need More Seats at Tables Around the World

A delegation from Saudi Arabia was greeted by the president and White House staff for a meeting that didn’t include a single woman on either side. Vermont is now the only state that has never sent a woman to Congress. And in Russia, journalists joined a boycott after a government ethics commission ruled in favor of a high-ranking lawmaker accused of sexual harassment by three female reporters.

This Week in Women: Making Every Day International Women’s Day

Women’s voices broke through on International Women’s Day. Let’s make the day after just as empowering.

This Week in Women: Media Representation, #MeToo and a Letter to Rex Tillerson

The fight against violence goes on across the globe—and advocates are talking back to the Trump administration about women’s rights and human rights. Also inside: some questions on media diversity, and some ideas for how we can improve it.

This Week in Women: It’s Time to Talk About How Gender Shapes Gun Violence and Global Conflict

It’s time to close the “boyfriend loophole,” bring women to peace tables in Syria and stop erasing women’s rights from human rights.

This Week in Women: Fighting For A More Just New Year

It’s only the fifth day of the year, and we’re starting strong.

This Week in Women: A Key Election Highlights Women Voters

On talking about the Black women who “saved us,” the flurry of harassment stories that are continuing to shatter silence and taking women seriously.

This Week in Women: Journalists are Breaking the Silence

Several big stories broke this week exposing efforts to silence and threaten women seeking justice for rape and sexual assault.

This Week in Women: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Exploitation and Economic Justice

Zooming in on the young (and female) reporter broke the story that ended Bill O’Reilly’s career, the female newsroom team that took down Harvey Weinstein, the women who accused famed political journalist Mark Halperin of sexual harassment and the women overseas championing economic equality as part of the fight to end sexual exploitation.

This Week in Women: Hollywood’s Sexism is Bigger Than Its Latest Scandal

Women journalists broke this story—and now, women journalists  are pushing their audiences to see Hollywood’s latest sexual abuse scandal as bigger than Harvey Weinstein. Of course it is. 

This Week in Women: Gun Violence, Abortion and Nuclear War

Around the world, women are at front of movements promoting peace and non-violence. This week, that matters more than ever.

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