We Heart: Hannah Gadsby’s Revolutionary Rewrite of the Stand-Up Special

In a stunning queer and feminist performance that questions the foundations of comedy itself, Gadsby expertly leads viewers beyond the levity of our lives—and through anger, laughter, inspiration and sadness.

We Heart: The Girl Scouts Anthem Inspiring Young Feminists to Shine On

The Girl Scouts and Breakthrough Music have released a new anthem for young feminists everywhere: “Watch Me Shine,” written by two-time Grammy winner Liz Rose and chart-topping songwriter Emily Shackelton.

WATCH: The Trailer for “On the Basis of Sex” Reminds Us How RBG Got So Notorious

The trailer for “On the Basis of Sex” is proof alone that one feature-length film about the notorious Supreme Court Justice isn’t enough. 

We Heart: Ariana Grande’s Feminist Anthem “God is a Woman”

In the subversive video for her song “God is a Woman,” the pop artist denounces patriarchy, celebrates female solidarity and revels in female sexuality.

We Heart: Serena Williams, “The One to Beat”

At a Wimbledon press conference on Friday, The Telegraph’s Jamie Johnson asked legendary tennis player and Olympic medalist Serena Williams how she handles being “the one to beat” on the court. In response, Williams did something women often don’t: she acknowledged her achievements and didn’t shy away from celebrating her own success. “I’m glad someone admitted that,” Williams […]

We Heart: The Ruth Bader Ginsburg Action Figure Fueling Gender Equality

Feminist icon and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has once again broken the Internet. 

We Heart: Michelle Wolf’s Salute to Abortions

In the most recent episode of comedian Michelle Wolf’s new show, “The Break,” she shouts an anthem fit for a more feminist union: “God bless abortions and god bless America!”

We Heart: Therese Patricia Okoumou’s Powerful Statue of Liberty Protest

For almost three hours, Okoumou walked around the statue as part of a protest against the Trump administration’s separation of migrant families at the border, taking time to sit in the folds of Lady Liberty’s robes while she shut down Liberty Island.

We Heart: Amy Poehler’s Hollywood Reporter Reality-Check

When The Hollywood Reporter asked comedian Amy Poehler a lighthearted series of questions as part of their “40-ish Most Powerful People in Comedy,” she didn’t respond in kind.

We Heart: Feminist Valedictorian Lulabel Seitz Spoke Truth to Power at Graduation

Lulabel Seitz had the opportunity to address her fellow classmates and her larger high school community during a speech at her graduation ceremony—but when she began to reference her on-campus sexual assault, her mic was unexpectedly cut. 

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