We Heart: SNL’s Tribute to the Feisty and Fed-Up “Women of Congress”

“Once upon a time, there were women. Then they became fed-up women. Then they became Congresswomen.”

We Heart: The Foreign Affairs Experts Bridging Feminist Theory and Practice

Women’s participation has been proven to lead to more sustainable peace agreements and better social outcomes in conflict resolution, but women around the world still lack seats at the peace-making table. Enter Peace Science Digest’s special issue on gender and conflict.

We Heart: The New Video for Jennifer Hudson’s Feminist Anthem “I’ll Fight”

The video for Hudson’s song is a tribute to everyone who voted in the midterms and helped elect historic numbers of women to office—and it chronicles feminist trailblazers and the sisterhood who helped them win major victories for women’s rights.

We Heart: The Podcast Telling the Stories of “Cool Dead Women”

It’s important to know our “foremothers,” as Virginia Woolf advised us. Today, we all know her name. But what about Leonie von Zesch, a dog-sledding Alaskan dentist who cleaned cavities with hairpins? What about Alice Ball, the African American woman who discovered a cure for leprosy in Hawaii when she was only 24—only to have her Ivy-League professor steal the credit?

We Heart: A Girl Named Jean’s Anthem for the Resistance

Although agnj is not usually a political artist, she felt she needed to issue a wake-up call in advance of the midterm elections—and do her part to change the nation’s course.

We Heart: Gracie and Rachel’s Tribute to HER

Pop duo Gracie and Rachel didn’t have plans to release any new work this year while they fine-tuned their upcoming second album—but that changed when they woke up early last month to watch Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

We Heart: The New Initiative Empowering Couples Who Say “I Do” to Help Girls Say “I Don’t”

Couples tying the knot in the U.S. can now do their part to save children from forced marriages around the world—simply by purchasing and registering for the products and wedding experiences they want and need. 

We Heart: The #VoteYourMainStreet Campaign to Preserve Feminist History in Seneca Falls

The first American women’s rights convention, which produced the historic Declaration of Sentiments and led to a series of women’s rights conventions, took place at the Seneca Knitting Mill. 170 years later, the National Women’s Hall of Fame wants to set up shop there in order to best honor the achievements of the activists who bravely sparked the modern women’s rights movement—but they need your help.

We Heart: The Website That Keeps Your Voter Registration Straight

With voting rights more under attack than ever, it’s important that everyone stay vigilant to ensure that their registrations remain active. That’s where Don’t Get Purged comes in—a new website that checks the voter rolls in your state so that you can be sure you’re all set for election day. 

We Heart: The Video Series Telling the Stories of Young Feminist Voters

A new social media campaign by A Band of Voters is empowering activists to speak up about the issues that drive them to the polls.

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