Tunisia Opens Its First Domestic Violence Shelter

Sihem Badi, Tunisia’s minister of women’s affairs, admits there’s something wrong, at this date, in talking about the country’s first public shelter for victims of domestic violence. “We’re late,” she says. “Look at Morocco. They have tens of shelters for women. Here it’s the civil society who used to deal with victims and it’s the […]

Of Solar Cookers and Darfuri Women’s Empowerment

The author, a board member of Jewish World Watch–which fights genocide and mass atrocities worldwide–is currently at the Farchana refugee camp in eastern Chad, home to approximately 25,000 Darfuri refugees. Along with her is Janice Kamenir-Reznik, JWW’s cofounder and president, as they make a site visit to the JWW Solar Cooker Project. When we at […]

Another Woman Reporter Attacked in Cairo

Egypt has been in relentless flux since last year, but the contempt  shown towards women remains a constant. Sonia Dridi, a correspondent for France 24 TV, was attacked near Cairo’s Tahrir Square last Friday night, reminiscent of the sexual assault CBS correspondent Lara Logan faced in February 2011 while covering the celebrations in Tahrir over […]

Kenyan Parliament Candidate Overcame HIV Stigma to Fight for Women’s Rights

During Wangari Maathai’s Green Belt Movement in Kenya, a young Inviolata Mmbwavi stood by as the boys planted trees. Girls didn’t plant trees! Her mother thought, as did most Kenyan mothers at the time, that her daughter should be cooking. “You should be in the kitchen, you should be cleaning and scrubbing pots,” Mmbwavi remembers […]

Women on Waves Arrives in Morocco

UPDATE: Moroccan authorities prevented all access by residents to the Women on Waves ship. The ship was also searched by the authorities, and the ship’s captains were told they had to leave the harbor although nothing incriminating was found. The ship will stay near Morocco as Women on Waves plans its next move. The Dutch […]

Women on Waves Sets Sail For Morocco

The Dutch NGO Women on Waves announced last Friday that it will sail to Morocco with its abortion-providing ship at the invitation of M.A.L.I (Mouvement alternatif pour les libertés individuelles). Twelve miles from Moroccan territory, in international waters, Women on Waves can provide safe and legal abortions according to Dutch law. According to the World Health Organization […]

Women in the New Egypt

Election day in the rural province of Minia, Upper Egypt. A procession of women in small painted tuk tuks rattle past farmers tilling fields of green sugarcane by the banks of the Nile. Many cradle babies and toddlers in their arms. They also clasp ID cards and slips of paper with their registration numbers, ready […]

Gaddafi’s Gone–Will Libya’s Women Now Demand Greater Freedom?

When I lived in Libya last year, I spent many evenings sitting with the daughters of my host family in the living room of their apartment. I remember the eyes of our unwelcome neighbor, Muammar Gaddafi, peering at us from a large billboard across the road. The father of the family kept a watchful eye […]

Egyptian Women Refuse To Be Silenced By Assaults

Violence against women demonstrators in Egypt erupted again on Tuesday when a frenzied mob of 200 men sexually assaulted a female protester in Tahrir Square. Then, during a rally on Friday to protest the incident, about 50 women and their male allies were themselves brutalized and chased away by another mob. Journalist Ghazala Irshad, who […]

Speaking Truth to Chevron: An Interview with Nigerian Ecofeminist Emem Okon

Last week, leaders of communities harmed by oil giant Chevron descended upon the company’s annual shareholder meeting in San Ramon, California to demand environmental justice and human rights. Participants from as far away as Angola, Ecuador, and Brazil joined with the True Cost of Chevron network (of which I am a part) and some 150 […]

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