First Australian Woman Prime Minister Is Ousted


Julia Gillard—the first woman prime minister of Australia—was ousted by former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in a party vote on Wednesday, June 26 with elections only months away. In 2010 Gillard replaced Rudd as leader of the Labor Party, and now Rudd will replace Gillard as party leader. To date, there have only been two […]

New Zealand Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage!

New Zealand became the 13th country to legalize same-sex marriage on Wednesday, when members of parliament voted 77 to 44 to amend the 1955 Marriage Act. After the votes were read, loud cheering and applause broke out in the room. Then, something even more heartwarming happened: The lawmakers spontaneously started to sing! The song, “Pokarekare Ana,” […]

New Zealand Update: Misogynist Contest Still Misogynist

win_wife_2 thumb

Yesterday we reported on New Zealand’s The Rock FM’s “Win a Wife” contest. The contest gave a N.Z. man the chance to pick a Ukrainian bride from the Endless Love Agency database. Also included was an all-expense-paid trip to Ukraine to, presumably, pick her up and bring her home. On Feb. 15, after an international […]

Australia’s War on Small Breasts


As if we small-breasted ladies didn’t have it hard enough. We persevered through adolescences marred by a devastating lack of top-growth, endured comings-of-age minimized by the jabs of our bustier peers and, as adults, find ourselves woefully relegated to Victoria’s Secret’s young teen “Pink” section, from where we covetously eye the perfectly impractical lacy/strappy/barely-there/disgustingly-provocative underthings so […]