Justice for the Women of El Salvador is Long Overdue

In El Salvador, being poor and pregnant means losing your basic rights. Now, the nation’s lawmakers are considering permitting abortion in specific situations.

Postcard from Havana: A Lack of Childcare Leaves Cuban Women in Quandary

Many ordinary Cubans simply cannot afford to have children, and many Cuban women are reluctant to.

NEWSFLASH: Mexico City Prosecutor Blames Woman for Her Own Death

After Lesby Berlin Osorio was strangled to death, the Office of the Public Prosecutor took to Twitter to blame her for her own murder.

Peace Heroes: ICAN’s Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini

Born in Iran and a refugee in the UK by the age of 11, Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini has been a leading international advocate and peace strategist for 20 years.

There Is No Women’s Economic Empowerment Without Reproductive Empowerment

We urge Ivanka Trump and the Trump Administration to recognize that health, education and reproductive rights are fundamental building blocks of economic empowerment.

NEWSFLASH: Lawmakers Uphold Extreme Abortion Penalties in Honduras

Abortion is a crime that currently warrants a three to ten year prison sentence in Honduras—for women who have abortions and those who provide them with abortion care.

Peace Heroes: Afghanistan’s Mary Akrami

Extremist ideologies have been on the rise for decades, but does dropping a bomb solve the problem? We interviewed Mary Akrami, an award winning women’s rights defender and director of the Afghan Women Skills Development Center, about this issue.

Fighting for a Way of Life

For a group of women—poor and largely illiterate—that is what democracy looks like.

Alleviating Poverty Elevates Women Around the World

By supporting women and children around the world, we build a strong global economy.

Q&A: Filmmaker Roberta Staley on Women in Media and Gender Equality in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is not an easy place to be a woman—but Roberta Staley sees hope via the increasing participation of women in Afghan media.

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