A Dangerous Burden

Each day, thousands of single mothers and divorced women carry back-breaking amounts of Spanish goods across the frontier from Cueta and Melilla to Morocco.

We Don’t Help Most Victims When #MeToo Becomes About Punishing Abusers

“Beyond a reasonable doubt” is an important part of our legal system, but we need to make sure this standard of evidence stays in the courtroom—and that our vision for a world without rape, assault and harassment extends beyond it.

Rural Business Networks Put Women Entrepreneurs Out Front

As the UN turns its attention to rural women, we look at the power of networks to boost women’s rural businesses, family income, and gender equality.

This Week in Women: Making Every Day International Women’s Day

Women’s voices broke through on International Women’s Day. Let’s make the day after just as empowering.

Reducing Harm and Expanding Abortion Care for Women in Peru

In a region where in-clinic access to safe abortion is extremely limited, a harm-reduction model of care is helping women safely self-induce—and take back their reproductive freedom.

Connecting Rural and Urban Women’s Struggles for International Women’s Day

UN Women’s theme for their International Women’s Day commemoration this year echoed the sentiments of solidarity that have always made for effective feminism.

What Women Bring to the Constitution-Writing Table

Among the 75 countries that undertook constitution reform in the wake of conflict or unrest between 1990 and 2015, women made up only one in five constitution drafters.

The Fear of Sexual Harassment is Robbing Women of Work Around the World

As long as sexual harassment is tolerated and those who perpetrate it can do so with impunity, women’s ability to earn a living for themselves and their families will be unfairly curtailed.

Peace Heroes: Mobina Jaffer is Canada’s Women, Peace and Security Champion

Canadian Senator Mobina Jaffer’s life and career capture the spirit and essence of International Women’s Day. We talked to her about her experiences as a female envoy and mediator and her persistent struggle to ensure women’s participation in peace-making.

Researchers Uncovered Video Evidence of a Mass Grave for “Comfort Women” in China

At the Comfort Women International Conference, researchers presented a chilling discovery: the first video evidence of a mass grave of so-called comfort women—who were coerced, kidnapped and enslaved to work in brothels during WWII.

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