Beautiful Clothes, Ugly Reality

“I don’t think they think about us. If people and brands would think about us, the people who are making their clothes, we would not die.”

Immigrant Women Detainees in the UK Are Demanding Better Conditions With a Hunger Strike

“Every day I wake up and I have to think of a reason to go on. I’ve given up thinking about the outside—I’ve given up thinking about it. I feel like I’m in someone’s dungeon and no one is letting me out.”

Marching On for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

On Valentine’s Day, activists in Fargo, Minneapolis, Vancouver, Rapid City, S.D., Toronto and Seattle organized marches and vigils for victims of violence who are too often forgotten.

Teodora is Going Home

El Salvador’s Supreme Court commuted the sentence of a woman serving 30 years in prison for a stillbirth—declaring that “arguments of a legal nature, of justice and equity, justify her commutation.”

What the Global Community Can Learn from Korea’s Olympic Unification

In the midst of a “my nuclear button is bigger than yours” competition between the President of the United States and the North Korean Supreme Leader, the Unified Korean Women’s Hockey team is exactly the type of “sports diplomacy” the world needs right now.

Why #MeToo Doesn’t Translate in China

One woman’s #MeToo story has forced others to recognize and reckon with the fact that sexual harassment is prevalent in Chinese schools and universities—and that an infrastructure to address it, report it and educate against it is long overdue.

Facing the Complicated Truth About FGM

Complex issues necessitate complex solutions. Women and girls who are facing FGM/C deserve more than lip service from the U.S. government; they deserve our full support.

#MeToo Was a Rallying Cry at Women’s Marches in Italy

The #MeToo movement—also known in Italy as #quellavoltache (that time that)—was a central focus of this year’s Women’s Marches in Rome, Milan and Florence.

Women Now Hold Half of the UN’s Top Leadership Positions

23 of the 44 most senior positions within the U.N., excluding the role of Secretary-General, are now held by women.

FGM, Too

The voices unleashed so powerfully by the #MeToo movement have begun to illuminate the full scope of the violence and discrimination woven into the fabric of women’s lives. The elimination of FGM/C should play prominently in this dialogue.

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