Peace Heroes: Bushra Qadeem Hyder on Fighting Extremism with Education in Pakistan

A pioneer in education, Bushra Qadeem Hyder speaks of her journey of triumphs and challenges bringing up the next generation in a country saturated in conflict.

Teen Rape Survivor Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for Stillbirth in El Salvador

Hernandez’s case exemplifies the injustice of El Salvador’s abortion ban and serves as a call for change in the country.

Implementing New Norms to End Violence Against Women

A new three-year initiative will work to protect women from violence in Turkey and six countries in the Western Balkans,-with a focus on women from the most disadvantaged groups. 

Swedish Music Festival Cancelled After Sexual Assaults Will Be Replaced by Women-Only Festival

The 50,000-capacity Bravalla Festival grounds will be the largest venue to refuse men entry.

Peace Heroes: Ghada Rifai on Building a Better Future for Syria

In the midst of war, an ever-expanding network of dedicated Syrians have been working to heal the torn society. At the center is Ghada Rifai, a trained architect who has built a human network rooted in the values of peace, diversity and non-violence.

The U.S. Rejected a UN Resolution on Violence Against Women—Because Abortion

A representative from the U.S. announced to the UN that “we do not recognize abortion as a method of family planning, nor do we support abortion in our reproductive health assistance.”

Kenya’s Education Act Now Provides Girls in School With Free Sanitary Pads

Kenyan girls miss 3.5 million days of school per month due to their periods.

Where Women’s Independence Lifts Up Entire Communities

Education and vocational training are crucial in allowing women in the Democratic Republic of Congo to become independent and capable of providing for their families.

Life Under the World’s Strictest Anti-Abortion Law

Since Chile’s abortion ban was put in place in 1990, 28 legislative efforts have been made to modify or overturn it. Now, progressive and center-left lawmakers are giving it another try.

The Future of U.S. Leadership in Ending Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies

It is vital that the U.S. continue to act to prevent violence against women and girls already suffering from conflict and violence.

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