#GetARoomWithMe: Chinese Protest Child Sex Abuse

China protest

Across China, people are taking to the Internet to speak out against the sexual abuse of children. The creative protest is made up of photographs of people displaying the message, Principal, get a room with me. Leave the young students alone. The message is a response to a recent case of sexual assault in Beijing […]

The Women of Turkey Won’t Give Up Without A Fight

When tens of thousands in Turkey took to protesting the government, beginning at the end of May, the demographics were astonishing to many global observers: At least half of the protesters are women. What is it about Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s government that has so many women fighting back? Sevi, a woman protestor who’s camping […]

El Salvadoran Woman Finally Ends Life-Threatening Pregnancy

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 9.17.16 PM

Beatriz (a pseudonym), the 22-year-old El Salvadoran woman who was in desperate need of an emergency abortion in order to survive, finally underwent a C-section after being granted permission by the El Salvador health minister. The El Salvador Supreme Court had refused Beatriz an abortion despite the fact that both she and the fetus would have […]

Irish Feminists Still Fighting Church’s Political Influence


SEE UPDATE AT BOTTOM. When I walked into Dr. Katherine O’Donnell’s Dublin flat, the first thing I saw was a weighty-looking tome resting in the middle of her dining table: Impure Thoughts: Sexuality, Catholicism and Literature in Twentieth-Century Ireland. It’s exactly the kind of book you’d expect to find in the home of a women’s […]

“Lose the Lads’ Mags” Campaign Causes Stir in U.K.

lads mags

A campaign, Lose the Lads’ Mags, has been launched against supermarkets in the U.K. that stock magazines featuring naked women in sexually explicit poses on their covers. Lawsuits are being threatened under the U.K.’s Equality Act of 2010. Lads’ mags such as Nuts and Zoo are much more explicit than their American counterparts, Playboy or […]

The Criminalization of Abortion Continues in Mexico


In the last five years, 127 women have been put on trial for abortion in Mexico. When Laura, a 22-year-old woman from Puebla, went to the emergency room because she was hemorrhaging, she ended up under arrest. Puebla is a Mexican state that has created laws to “protect life, starting at conception,” and local hospital […]

Will Women’s Rights in Afghanistan Disappear?

Afghan lawmakers on Saturday rejected the Law on Elimination of Violence Against Women, which would criminalize child marriage, forced marriage, domestic violence and the exchange of girls and women to settle arguments, among other things. The law would also make it illegal for women to face criminal charges for adultery for being raped. (You heard that right.) […]

The Global Crisis of Child Marriage

It was certainly good news to hear in April that a 6-year-old Afghan girl, whose father previously intended to marry her to a 17-year-old boy, was no longer being forced to get married. The girl’s father received enough money from an anonymous donor to not have to sell his daughter to pay off a debt. […]

Time to Reform India’s Sex Trafficking Laws

Kolkata a trip inside the slum

When Ayesha was 13, she fell in love with a man who promised to marry her and nurture her singing aspirations, but instead turned out to be a sex trafficker. He took her far away from her family and village in Bangladesh to Kolkata (also known as Calcutta), India, where he promptly sold her to […]

British Study Shows False Rape Claims are Complicated Matters


The United Kingdom’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) recently released a report highlighting the complexity—and scarcity—of false rape allegations. The report was issued in response to a 2010 court appeal in which a woman pleaded guilty to falsely retracting true allegations of rape that she had made against her husband, and was then sentenced to eight months imprisonment for […]