Activists in India Mobilized After the Rape and Murder of an Eight-Year-Old Girl—And Won Legal Victories

After thousands of protestors took to the streets in Asifa Bano’s name, India’s cabinet held an emergency meeting to strengthen policies on child sexual abuse.

After La Manada: What the Wolf-Pack Means for Women in Spain

Women in Spain are asking themselves a shocking question: Do we have to choose between being believed or being killed? 

Building on #MeToo’s Momentum to Embrace Our Voices

“There is a contagious courageousness when the uniqueness of each person’s voice comes out and people can no longer ignore reality. This is when policies, workplaces and cultures start to change—which is ultimately our goal.”

How Women Are Rebuilding Nepal

Nepali women played a crucial role in relief efforts after an earthquake and a decade of civil war—and many continue to help the country as it moves into long-term recovery initiatives.

This Week in Women: These Headlines are Proof That Gender Matters in Global Policy and Politics

The importance of gender in politics and policy-making came to the front this week—in the U.S. and around the world.

Building Back Better: Women Peace Activists Offering Governments a Helping Hand

From the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership partners, the success stories of two women, one from Uganda and one from Syria, prove that with persistence and resilience, obstacles can be removed.

Reproductive Justice Activists in Africa are Speaking Out Against Trump’s Global Gag Rule

Under previous administrations, restrictions on funding under the Global Gag Rule totaled around $575 million. Under Trump, those restrictions have extended to $8.8 billion—and women around the world are paying the price with their health and their lives.

This Week in Women: It’s Long Past Time We Took Gender-Based Crimes More Seriously

An Islamist in Mali is being tried by the International Criminal Court in a “groundbreaking case” for forcing hundreds of women into sexual slavery. Meanwhile, Trump is going the other direction.

French Feminism from the Intersections

Unfazed by opposition and motivated by a truer sense of France’s ternary motto, Rokhaya Diallo is an envoy of black excellence recognized internationally for confronting the heteropatricarchy in tireless combat.

How Can We Be Heard If We Are Arrested?

Nations will fail to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals if the warnings of feminist activists are ignored. Unfortunately, many gender equality advocates around the world are being persecuted every day by their governments.

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