Creative Complaining: The Guerilla Girls Revisit “It’s Even Worse in Europe”

In re-examining their 1986 work, the Guerrilla Girls have shaped a new enquiry. Now, the declaration is transformed to pose a question.: Is it even worse in Europe?

A More Feminist City: Can Riyadh Shatter Stereotypes for Saudi Women?

It will take more than a day to adjust misconceptions about the capital—and especially what it will ultimately mean for Saudi women—but with smartphones in each pocket and a metro in the works, Riyadh is finally taking shape and shifting culture.

Meet the Mother and Daughter Live-Tweeting the Destruction in Aleppo

A mother and daughter in Syria have taken to Twitter to compel the world to pay attention to devastation in Aleppo.

When the World Bank Bulldozed Her Community, She Fought Back

A World Bank project that rendered Bimbo Oshobe destitute turned her into a women’s rights and community leader.

The Case for a Feminist World Bank President

A female Bank President would symbolize the increasing power of women—but a woman President alone will not be enough to right the Bank.

In Syria, Women’s Experiences Are Uniquely Shaped by Global Policy

It is Syrian women who may benefit most from and who will likely also be tasked with sustaining the efforts that arise from the Putin and Obama administrations’ tepid exercise in trust-building.

What It’s Like to Be a Widow in Africa

Widows in many African cultures are subjected to dehumanizing cultural and ritual practices passed off as mourning rites.

It’s Not the Earrings: Aung San Suu Kyi and the Leadership of Burma

This week, one of the most remarkable achievements by one of the age’s most remarkable leaders will occur with little fanfare in the West. It is widely accepted that this is true only because of Aung San Suu Kyi—yet critics refuse to credit her fairly for it.

Maps Strengthen Disaster Relief and Progress Gender Equality

We take maps for granted in the developed world, particularly in the age of smart phones, but millions of people live in unmapped regions. Women need to be a vital part of fixing that.

Women Speak Up About the Customs That Encourage Early Marriage and Childbirth in Zimbabwe

I conducted in-depth interviews in Zimbabwe to find out more about persisting social norms on sexual and reproductive health and rights there and who upholds them.

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