Zeroing in on Trumpcare’s Impact on Reproductive Rights

Eleanor Smeal spoke with Women’s eNews Live about Trumpcare and the disproportionate impact it will have on women’s lives.

Donald Trump’s HIV/AIDS Advisory Council Members Resigned Because of His Policies

“We hope the members of Congress who have the power to affect healthcare reform will engage with us and other advocates in a way that the Trump Administration apparently will not.”

Calling on Congress to Support Black Women’s Maternal Health

Last week, advocates urged lawmakers at a Congressional briefing to confront the high rate of maternal mortality among black women and develop policies to ensure and safeguard their health and dignity.

Ensuring Dignity and Health at the Intersection of Incarceration and Menstruation

New York has the chance to improve the lives of its most vulnerable residents and advance a vital message: that menstruation falls squarely at the intersection of health, economic and justice policy.

The War on Women’s Health

Trumpcare leaves 23 million more people uninsured and slashes $834 billion from Medicaid, rewarding the wealthy while penalizing low-income women.

Q&A: Julie Weigaard Kjær on Menstruation and Empowerment

In honor of Menstrual Hygiene Day, CEO and co-founder of Ruby Cup Julie Weigaard Kjær took some time to chat with Ms.

The Chimera of Choice

How do we determine where to draw the lines of acceptable and unacceptable bodily interventions? Especially troubling is the eerily uncomfortable overlap of female genital construction surgery and what we define as female genital mutilation.

No More Stalling: We Can Prevent Maternal Deaths

It is time to make certain more mothers survive.

Body Manifesto in Five Acts

Find her. Find the animal. Inhabit her. Leave the girl to glossy falsehood. Inherit womanhood. Zip yourself into it. Breathe.

There Is No Women’s Economic Empowerment Without Reproductive Empowerment

We urge Ivanka Trump and the Trump Administration to recognize that health, education and reproductive rights are fundamental building blocks of economic empowerment.

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