I Almost Died Because of Medical Bias—And I’m Not Alone

What’s missing from the ongoing debates about healthcare policy is how frequently women and members of other marginalized groups face systemic bias in seeking medical care and treatment.

The Trump Administration Just Abruptly Cut Funding for Teen Pregnancy Prevention

The Trump Administration this week discretely cut over $200 million in funding for over 80 institutions around the country that have been working to find scientific data to help lower teen pregnancy rates.

Q&A: Menstrual Equity Champion Jennifer Weiss-Wolf on Fighting for the Reproductive Health of Incarcerated Women

Ms. spoke with Weiss-Wolf about the recently-introduced Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act and how it could change the lives of women in prison.

The Senate’s Trumpcare Bill Just Got Worse for Women

The Senate’s most recent revision to its Trumpcare bill still slashes Medicaid, and its impacts on women’s health are even more egregious.

Uncovering the Story Left Out of Our Healthcare Discourse

A new study points to an absence of resources, the accumulation of excess wealth, intergenerational trauma and violence against women as factors contributing to women of color experiencing “far worse health and economic outcomes than their white counterparts.”

A Majority of Americans Support the Affordable Care Act—And Its Benefits for Women’s Health

A majority of Americans support the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive coverage mandate, and a majority don’t want Medicaid cut or the Senate’s repeal bill passed.

The U.S. Rejected a UN Resolution on Violence Against Women—Because Abortion

A representative from the U.S. announced to the UN that “we do not recognize abortion as a method of family planning, nor do we support abortion in our reproductive health assistance.”

Kenya’s Education Act Now Provides Girls in School With Free Sanitary Pads

Kenyan girls miss 3.5 million days of school per month due to their periods.

Nevadans Are Fighting Trumpcare

Nevadans are rising up to demand that their lawmakers reject attempts to kick millions of Americans out of the health care system and slash funding for Medicaid.

The People’s Filibuster: Inside the Fight Against Trumpcare

Although a delayed vote on the Senate healthcare bill is a small victory for its opponents, activists haven’t let up on their fight for quality, affordable healthcare for all.

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