Peace Corps Women Deserve Abortion Coverage, Too


With states tightening up abortion laws, and the FDA still restricting emergency contraception, recent reproductive rights efforts have been less than encouraging. However, it was a step forward last year when President Obama signed the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, which included a provision sponsored by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), that protects military women by providing […]

New FDA Restrictions on Morning-After Pill Are … Still Restrictive

UPDATE: The U.S. Justice Department announced today that it will appeal U.S. District Court Judge Edward Korman’s decision to make emergency contraception available to all ages without restrictions, and asked for a stay of his ruling. The implication is that the DOJ supports the FDA ruling that’s explained below. After U.S. District Judge Edward Korman ruled […]

Can Catholic Colleges Block Free Condom Distribution?


The Affordable Care Act requires that birth control be made available through health plans, in some cases without co-pays or deductibles. That’s prompted religious institutions to object to paying for care that’s not consistent with their values. But Boston College’s recent steps to stop free condom distribution doesn’t involve sponsoring birth control—it involves location. Boston […]

New Safe-Sex Campaign Paints Health Concerns Blue


Raisins? Blueberries? Prunes? Keep guessing. A new safe-sex campaign has gone simply ballistic in its promotion of healthy habits for men. A pair of singing testicles warns sexually active males of the tragic consequence that comes from forgetting to pack a condom: a case of the infamous blue balls. The duo’s homepage declares their mission statement: […]

Downton Abbey Meets Roe v. Wade

Downton Abbey

A week ago, in episode 4 of the third season of Downton Abbey, American fans witnessed the tragedy British viewers had already seen—Lady Sybil’s death from eclampsia after childbirth.  This week–SPOILER ALERT–episode 5 exonerates Lord Grantham of any role in the fatality and ends with he and his wife sobbing in each other’s arms. The […]

What Abortion Access Looks Like for Young Women of Color


She was 14 years old and going into the 9th grade. From the moment she learned she was pregnant, she contemplated what to do. Not comprehending how to even deliver a baby (let alone how to take care of a child for the rest of her life) prompted grave fears about her future. Being the […]

High Maternal Mortality Rates for Black Moms Still a Mystery

Picture 4

It’s been called a conundrum. A mystery. A disgrace. A national crisis. But when you ask why black women in the United States die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth at three to four times the rate of other ethnic/racial groups, the answer is usually the same: “We simply don’t know.” Why not? The short […]

Think Roe v. Wade Is Safe? Think Again.


Those who aren’t old enough to remember how scary it was to be a woman in the pre-Roe United States are wont to take reproductive rights for granted. Legal abortion has long been seen as a guarantee to a younger generation; tales of coat hangers and back-alley operations are just nightmarish visions in history books. […]

Indiana Can’t Withold Medicaid Funding from Planned Parenthood


As of Tuesday, the state of Indiana cannot cut Medicaid funding from the the local Planned Parenthood affiliate. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a June 2011 injunction which blocked a law intended to restrict Planned Parenthood of Indiana from accessing the state’s Medicaid program. The law, initiated by Governor Mitch Daniels, was intended […]

Is PMS Overblown? That’s What Research Shows


If PMS is a myth, then what on earth can we blame for all the lady-rage? You may have seen the article in The Star or The Globe and Mail or The Atlantic about the recently published research review by a team of medical researchers who assert that “clear evidence for a specific premenstrual phase-related […]