Think Roe v. Wade Is Safe? Think Again.


Those who aren’t old enough to remember how scary it was to be a woman in the pre-Roe United States are wont to take reproductive rights for granted. Legal abortion has long been seen as a guarantee to a younger generation; tales of coat hangers and back-alley operations are just nightmarish visions in history books. […]

Indiana Can’t Withold Medicaid Funding from Planned Parenthood


As of Tuesday, the state of Indiana cannot cut Medicaid funding from the the local Planned Parenthood affiliate. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a June 2011 injunction which blocked a law intended to restrict Planned Parenthood of Indiana from accessing the state’s Medicaid program. The law, initiated by Governor Mitch Daniels, was intended […]

Is PMS Overblown? That’s What Research Shows


If PMS is a myth, then what on earth can we blame for all the lady-rage? You may have seen the article in The Star or The Globe and Mail or The Atlantic about the recently published research review by a team of medical researchers who assert that “clear evidence for a specific premenstrual phase-related […]

A Global Day for Safer Abortion Access


Each year, 67,000 women die throughout the world due to complications from botched abortions. This number makes up a damning 13 percent of maternal deaths–deaths that could have been easily prevented if these women had access to safe abortions. Instead, these women were cornered into more desperate methods, with the tragic end result of more […]

The Future of Texas Women’s Health? For Rick Perry, It’s CPCs

Rick Perry

Last Tuesday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry stopped by to lend a little good-old-boy masculinity to the opening of a branch of Houston’s The Source For Women, a crisis pregnancy center (CPC) that Perry touted as the future of Texas’s new Women’s Health Program—a program explicitly designed and intended to serve women who are not, and […]

Alabama Abortion Clinic Struggles; Mississippi’s Forges On


When Diane Derzis shut the doors of the New Woman All Women Health Care clinic in Birmingham, Ala., last May, she did not expect the clinic to be shut for good. Derzis, known as the “Abortion Queen” by both her opponents and her supporters in the Deep South, was under investigation by the Alabama Department […]

As Memories of Dalkon Shield Fade, Women Embrace IUDs Again

IUD and Birth Control

Imagine a world in which women trying to avoid unplanned pregnancies don’t have to worry about popping a daily pill that shoots their moods to hell, getting shots, buying condoms that sometimes break  or changing a patch. Imagine a contraceptive method with which 99 percent of its users report satisfaction. Sound like a dream? In […]

Circuit Court Messes with Texas Women


Late on Tuesday, a federal appeals court lifted an injunction that blocked a new Texas law from barring federal Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood and other abortion provider-affiliated clinics around the state. It’s the latest in a string of affronts to women’s health in the Lone Star State, where the lives of Texan women have […]

Virginia Promotes CPCs, Along with Anti-Abortion Agenda

Feminists across the country heralded the defeat of Virginia’s transvaginal ultrasound bill last February as one of the major victories in the War on Women. But while its amended law, which went into effect July 1, mandates only external ultrasounds, the statute still requires women to seek an ultrasound 24 hours before their scheduled abortions–a medically unnecessary […]

Right-Wingers Attack Medicaid-Paid Abortions in Iowa

Keep Abortion Legal

Conservative legislators in Iowa are willing to give up millions of dollars in Medicaid funding in order to block state-funded abortions in the case of rape, incest or if the fetus is physically or mentally deformed. A coalition made up of 41 Iowa Republican representatives filed a petition on June 12 to immediately stop such […]