California Gets Closer to Transgender Equity


Transgender students in California could soon enjoy more rights and protections. A bill was approved Thursday in the California Assembly that would allow transgender students to participate in sex-segregated school programs and activities. This means that athletic teams that are all girls or all boys will be open to students who identify with either gender. […]

The Arc Bends Towards Marriage Equality


UPDATE: The Minnesota state Senate voted 37-30 today to approve same-sex marriage in the state. The governor’s office said he will sign the bill into law tomorrow. As marriage equality is gradually–and, lately, rapidly!–being embraced state by state (let alone being considered by the highest court in the land), a statement that Martin Luther King […]

What Scalia Says About Gay People

As we wait for the Supreme Court decisions on marriage equality to come down in June, commentators have been dissecting the oral arguments and making predictions about the possible outcomes. But there’s one SCOTUS judge who leaves no doubt about how he will rule: Justice Antonin Scalia will undoubtedly vote against gay rights. He disapproves […]

The Supremes and Same-Sex Marriage: Day 2


Lawyer, author and long-time feminist activist Brenda Feigen was at the Supreme Court yesterday and today to watch and hear the Proposition 8 and DOMA case arguments. Here’s her report on the DOMA hearing: As I got close to the U.S. Supreme Court on my way to the DOMA hearing today, I was greeted with […]

The Supremes and Same-Sex Marriage: Day 1


Lawyer, author and long-time feminist activist Brenda Feigen was at the Supreme Court today to watch and hear the Proposition 8 case arguments. Here’s her report: My feelings are full and complex after today’s Proposition 8 hearing at the U.S. Supreme Court. Since the hearing on Hollingsworth v. Perry started with Chief Justice John Roberts […]

Three Arguments Against Same-Sex Marriage (And Why They Will Fail)


As two landmark cases make their way to the U.S. Supreme Court this week, supporters of marriage equality are optimistic. A new Washington Post-ABC poll found that 58 percent of Americans surveyed think that lesbians and gay men should be allowed to marry, a record-high number and a complete reversal of poll results from just […]

Women More Affected Than Men by Marriage Inequality


As the nation prepares for next week’s historic Supreme Court hearings on marriage equality, it is important to note that women will be disproportionately affected by whatever decisions get made. That’s because female couples account for roughly two-thirds of existing legal same-sex marriages. This underreported fact is highlighted in an amicus (friend of the court) brief […]

Women Lawyers Fight for Your Equal Pay–And Their Own


Today is the day we take time to recognize all the amazing, accomplished, irreplaceable women around the globe. Women who have propelled us forward since International Women’s Day was first conceptualized more than 100 years ago. Women who have defied the odds and improved the world with their leadership skills, their hard work and their […]

Marriage Equality Wins Friends–Will They Influence the Court?


If all the supporters of marriage equality who sent briefs to the Supreme Court attended a wedding, the seating plan would be a challenge. Could Clint Eastwood sit in an actual chair next to President Barack Obama without hurling insults? Would footballers Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbadejo bring their NFL teams? And how do you […]

Petition the White House to Help Ratify the ERA!!


The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of the people to petition the government for a redress of grievances. If you think that after 225 years the Constitution still does not guarantee women equal rights with men is a grievance in need of redressing, then you can do something about it with […]