What the Numbers Behind the #MeToo Movement Show Us

When the #MeToo stories began pouring out a few months ago, I thought: now is the time to procure the national data we are lacking on this issue.

He Says it Didn’t Happen: Rob Porter, Donald Trump and How We Treat Abuse Allegations

To accept an alleged perpetrator’s denial as proof of their innocence perpetuates the dynamics of domestic abuse. In the era of #MeToo, we must do better.

Flying Out of Bed

I know why I haven’t spoken about the violence that shaped my life. If the holding of pain is hard, the speaking of it to a world that does not want to hear is not a risk most of us will take.

Sexual Assault Reports at West Point Have Doubled Since Last Year

Sexual assault isn’t unique to West Point’s campus, nor is it unique to the armed services.

Why #MeToo Doesn’t Translate in China

One woman’s #MeToo story has forced others to recognize and reckon with the fact that sexual harassment is prevalent in Chinese schools and universities—and that an infrastructure to address it, report it and educate against it is long overdue.

#MeTooK12: Teens are Speaking Out About Assault and Harassment in Schools

K-12 schools are the training ground for the sexual harassment and assault that occurs in college and the workplace—and now, a new campaign is gaining momentum to shed light on younger assault victims.

What the #MeToo Movement Could Do for Victims of Incest

One of the most important feminist revolutions has to take place at home. How could the #MeToo movement prompt a reckoning in our most secretive, intimate sector?

It Stops Now: Justice Has Finally Been Served to Larry Nassar’s Victims

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina sentenced Larry Nassar, a now-disgraced USA Gymnastics doctor accused of sexual assault and abuse by over 160 girls and women, to up to 175 years in prison—telling him she had “just signed [his] death warrant.”

FGM, Too

The voices unleashed so powerfully by the #MeToo movement have begun to illuminate the full scope of the violence and discrimination woven into the fabric of women’s lives. The elimination of FGM/C should play prominently in this dialogue.

The UN Must Confront Rape Against the Rohingya in Burma

“Sexual violence in conflict is not simply a human rights issue—it’s also a security challenge.”

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