Five Ways the #MeToo and Climate Justice Movements Overlap

These two movements, though categorically different issues with separate impacts, actually have a great deal in common. And the opportunities to take action can be found in the same place.

Researchers Uncovered Video Evidence of a Mass Grave for “Comfort Women” in China

At the Comfort Women International Conference, researchers presented a chilling discovery: the first video evidence of a mass grave of so-called comfort women—who were coerced, kidnapped and enslaved to work in brothels during WWII.

Has #MeToo Gone Too Far—or Not Far Enough?

The #MeToo movement backlash has arrived. Rush-to-judgment detractors say it vilifies males, threatens men’s jobs and limits sexual freedom. Has it gone too far? I’m raising my voice to say no.

In the Midst of #MeToo, Alice Glass Scored a Legal Victory Against Her Alleged Abuser and Former Bandmate

Women and survivors have nothing to gain—and often everything to lose—from speaking up about harassment, abuse and assault. That didn’t stop Alice Glass.

Gold Medalist Aly Raisman is Suing Olympic Organizations for Failing to Stop Larry Nassar

The former gymnast claims the organizations were well aware of Larry Nassar’s decades-long abuse and molestation of young athletes—and did nothing to intervene.

Women Governors are Leading the Charge to End Gun Violence After Parkland

Little action has been taken on the national level to address the glaring issue of gun violence in the U.S.—but the female governors of Rhode Island and Oregon were ready to act.

Marching On for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

On Valentine’s Day, activists in Fargo, Minneapolis, Vancouver, Rapid City, S.D., Toronto and Seattle organized marches and vigils for victims of violence who are too often forgotten.

A Lethal Combination

What we know about domestic abusers with guns—and how efforts to disarm them could prevent some mass shootings.

What the Numbers Behind the #MeToo Movement Show Us

When the #MeToo stories began pouring out a few months ago, I thought: now is the time to procure the national data we are lacking on this issue.

He Says it Didn’t Happen: Rob Porter, Donald Trump and How We Treat Abuse Allegations

To accept an alleged perpetrator’s denial as proof of their innocence perpetuates the dynamics of domestic abuse. In the era of #MeToo, we must do better.

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