Are We Too Isolated To Fight the Pink-v.-Blue Battle?


Ask me five years ago and I’d have told you I’d be first in line to challenge gender stereotypes if ever I had kids myself. I minored in feminist cultural studies! I believe boys and girls are made, not just born! But sixteen months into parenting my boy/girl twins, I’m starting to wonder how I’ll ever ensure that […]

Childless by CHOICE, Get It?

Peoples Choice

I don’t want kids. Never have. I consider birth control the greatest invention of the 20th century and I’ve been taking it religiously for nearly a decade. No pregnancies to date, and in the rare event of one I’d be first in line at my local abortion clinic before that zygote even mildly resembled a […]

No Thanks, No Giving–Part 2

First Thanksgiving

In my first post about Thanksgiving the other day, I pointed out some of the uncomfortable facts left out of the mainstream history of this holiday. Another bit of historical amnesia is the linkage between the genocide of indigenous peoples and slavery. As Dan Brook pointed out in his 2002 Counterpunch piece “Celebrating Genocide,” “1619 marks […]

No Thanks, No Giving, Part I


For most people I know, Thanksgiving is not about celebrating Pilgrims or acknowledging the history surrounding the holiday. Rather, it is about spending time with friends and family, being thankful for loved ones, for having the day off work, and, of course, about stuffing oneself silly. Alas, while attending the recent National Women’s Studies Association […]

The Wars Come Home

Veterans day

For military families, the war front and the home front are, increasingly, one and the same. The trauma of war invades the lives of men, women and children every day, whether they’re active duty, veterans or partners and children of service members. The very absence of a loved one because of military service can cripple […]

How My Mama Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Mexican Independence Day


Because of what falls left of the hyphen in “Mexican-American,” I am often asked how my family celebrates Mexican Independence Day on September 16 (today). I have to confess that we never have. As native Californians, my family, just like everyone else on our suburban block on July 4th, merely lit up the ol’ barbeque […]

Selling Old-School Motherhood With the Groceries

Let's Go Shopping!

I actually might appreciate the Mom-on-the-go tips in the supermarket booklet, except I can’t get past the messages about dieting and motherhood.

Equality, Without Marriage?


While following the ups and down of the Prop 8 trial, I was reminded of an editorial by Bob Morris in The New York Times way back in 2004. “Gay Marriage? How Straight” was a cheeky bit of contrarianism, a gay man’s lament that marriage equality could ruin what he considered the relative freedom of […]

Marriage, Unnatural In Every Way


Following Judge Vaughn Walker’s decision overturning Proposition 8, the accusation that he is furthering “unnatural” marriage is being spouted so often that it is quite obviously a deliberate talking point: notably from Pat Buchanan, or a variant coming from L.A. Cardinal Michael Mahoney that “the union of a man and of a woman in a […]

Study: “Marriage Promotion” in Welfare Doesn’t Work


Welfare reform’s marriage promotion programs have not only had little impact on the plight of poor families, looks like they’ve also done a pretty lousy job of pressing impoverished couples into the right-wing mold of “family values.” Mathematica Policy Research evaluated Building Strong Families, a flagship marriage-focused program operating in several states, and concluded that it’s […]