Gendering LEGO


On a friend’s Facebook wall the other day, the topic of geek girls needing to defend their geekiness came up, and the topic shifted to gendered LEGO sets. Even having had this conversation many times, I noticed something on the LEGO site that I hadn’t previously. Go look at just the Bricks & More sets. […]

Candie’s #NoTeenPreg Campaign Shames Young Moms


Dear teens: Don’t have sex—or else. This is the doom-tinged “advice” implied by a teen pregnancy prevention campaign put out by The Candie’s Foundation. In conjunction with National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, the foundation recently released a series of celebrity-endorsed PSAs for its #NoTeenPreg campaign, the shaming attitude of which is captured in its latest tagline: […]

What Do Dress Codes Say About Girls’ Bodies?


“You’re not going out dressed like that!” “What mother would let her child wear such a short skirt?” Think about it: How often do we police girls’ bodies? Recent talk of school dress codes reveals that it happens an awful lot, and for some confused reasons. After a New Jersey middle school banned strapless dresses from a […]

U.S. Teen Birth Rates At All-Time Low

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This one’s a real shocker: As more teens use hormonal birth control and condoms, fewer have babies. A report just released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows teen birth rates dropped 25 percent in five years to a record-breaking low in 2011. The CDC has also reported that teens are waiting longer to have […]

A High Schooler Speaks Out on Street Harassment


I’m walking down the street, on the way to school or to a friend’s house. I could be wearing sweatpants or a short skirt; it doesn’t matter. Inevitably the words are flung at me by someone I’ve never seen before, men alone or laughing with their buddies: “Hey baby, smile for me!” “Mmm, sexy. Nice […]

You Go, GlobalGirl!


Wendy Garcia is visiting her friend, Alexis, in her home. At 14, Alexis Lopez looks more like a sister than a mother to her one-and-a-half year old daughter, who she bathes, changes and plays with. “I got pregnant at age 12,” Lopez tells Garcia. “At first, I didn’t know what to do.” As a reporter for […]

The Onion CEO Takes Quvenzhane Wallis to Disney World!


Well, not really.  What Steve Hannah, CEO for The Onion, the popular satirical news source (otherwise known as “America’s Finest News Source”), actually did was issue an apology to Quvenzhane Wallis after an immediate backlash on social media greeted an inappropriate tweet from The Onion‘s live Twitter feed during the Academy Awards telecast Sunday night. […]

Put Down That Barbie! A (Non-Gendered) Gift Guide for Girls

Picture 2

Dress-up wedding collections for your little “bride-to-be.” Pretty LEGOs to help her build beauty shops. Dolls skinnier than Barbie and sexier than Bratz. Pink vacuum cleaners and cleaning trolleys, makeup kits and kitchen sets. I spoke with Jennifer Pozner, founder and executive director of Women in Media and News, about the effects of toy gendering […]

Girls Have Their Day


At Montclair (New Jersey) High School today, Emma Fishman will be busy passing out pamphlets to her classmates with facts about girls. The 17-year-old is one of many young people around the U.S. whose voices will carry through school halls announcing the first International Day of the Girl Child. When we talk about women’s rights, […]

Meet Goldie Blox, Goldilocks’ Long Lost Cousin, the Engineer


If Goldie Blox is locked in a cell in the top room of a tower guarded by evil monsters and fire-breathing dragons, she doesn’t wait for a prince to ride in and rescue her, winning her heart in the process. Oh no. Instead, she builds her way out. Using whatever objects she can find, she […]