Letter to Bella, and Other Girls With Blue Shoes


Dear Bella, Your mom told me all about your awesome blue shoes. I like blue. My little girl, Amelia, she loves blue because it is the color of the ocean. But if you asked her, she would tell you her favorite color is rainbow. Rainbows are so nice because they include all of the colors. […]

Teen Dating Violence: Take it Seriously Before it Happens Again


Last week, the Boston area was shocked to hear that the body of Wayland, Mass., high-school graduate Lauren Astley, 18, was found in a marsh in what looks to be an act of teen domestic violence that occurred after Astley ended a three-year relationship with her boyfriend Nathaniel Fujita. As if this wasn’t awful enough, […]

Dear Reese Witherspoon: All Girls Are ‘Good Girls’


On Sunday night, Reese Witherspoon, an Oscar winner, accepted a very different kind of award: the MTV Generation Award in Los Angeles. Witherspoon, 35, took the stage, teased Robert Pattinson, then offered the usual celebrity thanks. So far, so good. But then her speech took an unexpected turn: I want to say to all the girls out there, […]

Throwing Around the Word “Rape”

rape of sabines

It looked so wrong in the little instant messaging box: “I’m gonna get raped tomorrow.” For a moment, I was terrified that my friend faced serious sexual violence. But no, she was just concerned about her performance on an upcoming Advanced Placement test. I hear this word all too often in the hallways of my […]

A How-To on Youth Activism


If you want to read about some truly inspiring young feminists, pick up Hey, Shorty! A Guide to Combating Sexual Harassment and Violence in Schools and on the Streets, a collaboratively written book by Joanne Smith, Mandy Van Deven and Meghan Huppuch of Girls for Gender Equity (GGE). GGE is a Brooklyn-based “coalition-building and youth […]

New Line of Tween Panties Promotes … Abstinence?


The other day, @msmagazine received this response (left) to a tweet about sexual assault on college campuses–a topic we’ve been covering a lot lately in light of our “Click!” blog carnival, National Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Vice President Joe Biden’s recent announcement of a nationwide initiative to combat rape on campuses. Not to mention […]

Click! Hmmm, Aha! and Oh no!

Strong girl

I had my first feminist stirring, or “Hmmm” moment, in grade school when I noticed teachers always asked boys to help them carry boxes, move the mobile TV or assist with other physical chores. I accepted this at first because, I guess, I bought into the idea that I was just a weaker-than-the-boys girl. But […]

A Teen Analyzes Today’s Derogatory Teen Slang


There are lots of dirty words reserved for females, particularly those of high-school age. But there are three words that, arguably, epitomize them all. As has been shouted down many a junior high hallway: “You are just a fat, slutty, lesbian.” This is enough to make some girls cry, others defiant. They have a notable […]

Rescuing Your Daughter From the Princess


If you’ve been within 50 feet of a 4-year-old girl in the past decade, you can’t have escaped the fact that princess is a booming industry. From T-shirts emblazoned with “princess” to the fad for “makeover” parties to “princess potty seats”, there is no shortage of products with a tiara theme offered to girls. In […]

Walmart’s geoGirl: Doesn’t Every 8-Year-Old Need to Exfoliate?

girl in the mirror thumb

While women debate if 50 really is the new 30, with Walmart’s help 8 may be the new 18. On February 21, Walmart launches geoGirl, a line of cosmetic and beauty products specifically formulated for 8- to 12-year-olds. The line, which boasts a total of 69 (let’s hope that’s coincidental) products, contains everything from eyeshadow, […]