One Family’s Trip Through the History of U.S. Racism

Little did I know when we set out on the trip that the scab of racial hatred would be torn off once again this summer over Confederate statues. Uncannily, we found ourselves in southern locales that frighteningly mirror the past with events of the present.

I Was My Boyfriend’s Servant: How I Escaped Financial Abuse

I’d slip on a tight dress, nylons and heels and walk the seven blocks to his apartment. I washed his dishes; cleaned every inch of his counters; scrubbed the inside of his fridge, removing a moldy mess in one of the drawers. I cleaned everything I could find in his tiny bathroom. I did his laundry once a week at the laundromat across the street. I scratched a record of all my hours on a little yellow notepad with a broken pencil.  

Power (And Mentorship) For Girls!

Many tout the rhetoric of “the American Dream,” saying that hard work does pay off. But as a girl, mentorship was the missing piece of my dream.

Gloria Steinem is (Still) My Hero

I’m one of the lucky ones. 45 years ago, at the dawn of the tumultuous 1970’s, I got the goods on the inalienable rights of women.

The Year I Turned 25: Surviving and Speaking Up After Sexual Assault

“She questions whether I knew what was happening when I was drunk. She asks me why I didn’t tell him to stop earlier. She asks me if I’d flirted with him. She asks me if he could have thought he had consent.”

We Are the Men

They keep asking me the same question at Himalayan Hospital in Dehradun, India: “Is there a man with you?”

Bred to be Hunted

The genuine anger and aggression, the hate of young misogynists is horrifying—but what is most disturbing to me is that this is considered socially acceptable and, now, even amiable. 

Unpack Your Unconscious Biases With Us (And Win Tickets to Emerging Women Live!)

Unpack an example of your unconscious bias with us and you’ll be entered to win one of two complimentary tickets to ​Emerging Women Live​!

A Gap Between Girl Power and Girlhood in the Classroom

The notion that girls are treated equally as boys and that girl power stories are the norm does not line up with the reality of everyday sexism in America. A new study is proof.

Listening to Learn: Becoming Allies with Muslim Women

75 community members greeted each other and quietly took their seats as Muslim women were given microphones. For two hours of uninterrupted time, the speakers shared about their lives, their faith, the challenges they face and ways everyone in the room could be allies.

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