The Good Wife

The female caregiver only has two options—leave or become the martyr.

Q&A: Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson on Sexuality, Sexism and Slut-Shaming

Ms. recently spoke with Fisher and Hutchinson about their personal journeys to becoming the inclusive, sex-positive feminists they are today.

Comprehensive Sex Education Can Be Transformational

We need comprehensive sexuality education. We all do. We need it to navigate relationships, to understand ourselves, to make heathy choices and to have pleasurable sex lives.

40 Minutes That Changed My Life

Reprinted with permission from Shameless. During the fall of 2014, a large scandal broke around Jian Ghomeshi’s alleged assault of multiple women. There was talk of consent and abuse everywhere I went—from class to dinner and radios to social media, the subject was unavoidable. It was during the week this scandal broke that I ended up […]

On Sex Work,the “Girlfriend Experience” and the Labors of Feminine Beauty

During the final year of my undergraduate degree, in a small, rural city in the south of England, I was supplementing my fragile self esteem with an over-the-counter laxative habit. I told people around me that my newly svelte frame came courtesy of my giving up alcohol (a fair-weather friend) and adopting a Japanese “eating […]

The Real Reason Everyone Freaked Out Over Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfie

Whether you keep up with celebrity affairs or not, you can’t really ignore the Kardashians—and you definitely can’t avoid knowing what people think about them. When Kim Kardashian posted a nude selfie on Twitter this week, there was a smattering of “you go girl” support, but also a wave of criticism about her immodesty or […]

These Are the Feminist Valentines You’ve Been Searching For

Reprinted with permission from the American Association of University Women Along with roses and chocolates, Valentine’s Day comes with a deluge of tired, patriarchal, and heterosexist clichés. But don’t fret! Our feminist valentines are just what your activist heart desires. Help spread the love! Be sure to share your favorites on Facebook or Twitter. For […]

Want to Make Consent Sexy? Try Using Sex Toys

As a college administrator, I can tell you a myriad of things that don’t work when it comes to engaging college students around issues of healthy sexuality and relationships. Having a presentation labeled “Consent” is near the top of that not-to-do list. But, want to know what does work? Having an event titled “Sex Toys.” […]

My First Serious Boyfriend

As the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade approaches on Jan. 22—and with the Supreme Court set to revisit women’s fundamental right to access abortion in the Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole case, the most serious threat to abortion since 1992—the Ms. Blog decided to look back at the realities of illegal abortion pre-Roe, and for women today who […]

Consent: It’s as Easy as… Tea!

As part of a new anti-rape campaign, a British police department is promoting a video that explains the definition of consent using possibly the most British analogy imaginable: tea. And it’s surprisingly effective. The video, originally created by Emmeline May, the blogger behind Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess, and Blue Seat Studios, uses the example of offering […]

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