Measure for Measure

Crucial state ballot measures are another important reason for feminists to show up at the polls this fall.

The Gender Gap and a High-Stakes Election

Voters this November will go to the polls to select governors and state legislators, and determine the makeup of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. The stakes for women in the midterm elections could not be higher. The outcome will determine whether the Trump administration can push forward with its agenda—or be held in […]

Covering the High-Stakes Fight for the Supreme Court

In our fall issue, award-winning author Amanda Hollis-Brusky takes stock not just of the threat Brett Kavanaugh poses, but of the efforts by Trump to stack the federal courts, at every level, with nominees just like him.

Ms. Urgent Report: This Fight is Bigger Than Kavanaugh

What’s at stake is bigger than an appointment to the Supreme Court—it’s the intentional and calculated remaking of the federal judiciary to reflect the views of a powerful elite minority in this country.

Bold Moves to End Sexual Violence: A Not-So-Live-Blog of the 2018 National Sexual Assault Conference

Ms. is the proud media sponsor of this year’s National Sexual Assault Conference—which is why I’ll be spending the next three days handing out a million free magazines, streaming sessions and sitting down for a marathon of live-streamed conversations with experts and advocates on-site. (And blogging all about it! Right here.)

Seeing Red: Inside the Summer Issue of Ms.

Women around the country and the world are seeing red and demanding justice—and their stories are at the center of the next issue of Ms.

Support Feminist Media (and Get March-Ready Merch!)

For just $5 a month, you’ll get each issue of Ms.—in print and on-the-go through our app. For a little bit more, you’ll get pins and tee-shirts made for marching on.

The Future is Feminist: Inside the Spring 2018 Issue of Ms.

Our Spring issue captures the growing power and momentum of the women’s movements—and lays out solutions for some of the most pressing issues of this moment.

A Lethal Combination

What we know about domestic abusers with guns—and how efforts to disarm them could prevent some mass shootings.

Wrong On All Counts: One Woman’s Reflections on Her 1976 Coming Out Letter to Ms.

In 1976, Claudia Stallman came out as a lesbian in a letter to Ms.

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