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The Future is Feminist: Inside the Spring 2018 Issue of Ms.

Our Spring issue captures the growing power and momentum of the women’s movements—and lays out solutions for some of the most pressing issues of this moment.

A Lethal Combination

What we know about domestic abusers with guns—and how efforts to disarm them could prevent some mass shootings.

Wrong On All Counts: One Woman’s Reflections on Her 1976 Coming Out Letter to Ms.

In 1976, Claudia Stallman came out as a lesbian in a letter to Ms.

Help Us Keep Ms. Strong for the Fights Ahead

Women’s votes have the power to decide the makeup of Congress and shape the national agenda. As we approach this critical moment, we need your help to keep feminists informed, empowered and mobilized. 

Yours in Sisterhood: The Film Connecting Feminists Through Vintage Letters to Ms.

Irene Lusztig’s film “Yours in Sisterhood” is a collective portrait of feminism across four decades—built uniquely through time travel and postage stamps.

End Patriarchy

The opportunities arising from this moment are countless. Let’s seize them.

The Weinstein Effect

How the downfall of one sexual predator can usher in an era of change for women everywhere.

Bookmarks: Feminist Reads for Winter

These six books will keep you busy—and inspired to keep fighting—as we start off 2018.

The Good-Guy Awards

Working Mother’s “100 Best Companies” is great for corporate PR. But for the mothers reading this list—those companies could do better.

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