Ingrid Jungermann Wants to Kickstart More Lesbian Laughs


What good is laughing? We’re engaged in a tremendous battle for women’s rights; what’s so funny? Laughter is an empowerment tool. A good laugh relaxes and recharges us, makes us feel expansive and alive, fills us up with the world, makes us feel part of the world. I get my laughs from Ingrid Jungermann, a […]

The Femisphere: Education and Teaching Bloggers

Michelle Balancing Jane

In my former life as a high school social studies teacher, one of my favorite courses was U.S. History, which allowed teachers a wide berth in planning lessons. While some would take a few weeks dissecting all the Civil War battles, I would be the only one giving a lesson on the Redstockings Manifesto. I […]

Yes, There’s Even an App for THAT: Menstruation and the Quantified Self

Picture 4

Do you have a cell phone? Do you use apps to do things you used to do with paper and pen? Chances are, you do. Maybe you even use an app to keep track of your period. A recent report by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that more than 80 percent of […]

Femisphere: Sports Bloggers with a Gender Lens

fit and feminist

My own sports “career” ended at the ripe old age of 17, when I traded in laps around the soccer field for less athletic pursuits. Despite my lack of time on the field, I’ve still kept an eye on sports from the comfort of my couch, or even from the stands. Many other feminists have done […]

The Women Virtual Volunteers of Hurricane Katrina


As Hurricane Isaac passed through New Orleans today, we couldn’t help think about what happened seven years ago when Hurricane Katrina wreaked extraordinary damages and losses on the Louisiana city. And when we think about Katrina, we can’t help but also recall how traditional media outlets depicted African American survivors as looters and “refugees” (thus ignoring their […]

The Femisphere: Video Bloggers, Part 2 – Smart Girls At The Party


The world of video blogging has evolved to the point where we’re not just getting clips of folks sitting in front of a camera, ranting and raving about a topic close to heart. With relatively inexpensive advances in technology, some video blogs have gone the route of webs series, with polished production values even if […]

The Femisphere: Video Bloggers, Part 1


While the majority of online feminist space plays out via the written word, there are a growing number of folks who have chosen to share their thoughts via video. YouTube has already seen the popularity of mainstream video bloggers, or vloggers, with some channels having more than a million subscribers. Feminist vloggers are following suit, […]

They Put Pants on Lara Croft … and Try to Rip Them Off

Lara Croft Sexual Assault

While searching for a feminist presence in the male-dominated sea of “geeks” at the recent 2012 Comic-Con in San Diego, I came upon a panel titled “Re-Imagining a Gaming Icon: Lara Croft.” It discussed Crystal Dynamics’ long-awaited reboot of the Tomb Raider video game franchise and the updated version of its heroine, Lara Croft. Featured speakers included creative director […]

The Femisphere: African Feminist Bloggers, Part 3

Spectra, 30, is an award-winning Nigerian writer and women’s rights activist, and the voice behind Spectra Speaks, which publishes news, opinions and personal stories about gender, media and diversity as they pertain to Africa and the Diaspora. She is also founder and executive editor of Queer Women of Color Media Wire, a media advocacy and publishing organization that […]

The Femisphere: African Feminist Bloggers, Part 2

Though it’s still seen as a peripheral movement in Africa, Afro-feminism communities are flourishing online. In the latest “Femisphere” series, Avital Norman Nathman speaks with three leading African feminist bloggers about the growth, triumphs and challenges of the movement—and why they refuse to be silenced. Lesley Agams, 46, is a feminist lawyer who was called to […]