From the Stacks: He Plays With Dolls


This Ann Landers column was featured in the No Comment section of Ms. in December 1974. It may be OK for girls to act outside of their stereotypical gender roles, but boys who do need psychological help. Gee, thanks, Ann. Fun Fact: Ann Landers (Esther Lederer) believed in 1973 that homosexual behavior was unnatural: “I […]

From the Stacks: Keep Her Where She Belongs


This ad for shoes was featured in Playboy magazine and reprinted in the No Comment section of Ms., December 1974. Aside from the fact that the footwear looks curiously androgynous and fit for a Pilgrim, what can we make of the slogan, “Keep her where she belongs…”? She belongs naked on the floor admiring your […]

From the Stacks: Dewar’s Man and Dewar’s Woman


This 2008 Dewar’s ad (right) is a timeless example of how ad campaigns market to men using sexist gender stereotypes. Because we all know that men do the proposing and are deathly afraid of in-laws! There’s also the troubling suggestion that instead of experiencing real emotion, men should numb themselves with this bottle of Dewar’s […]

From the Stacks: Wife’s Car


Check out this clip from a Lansing, Michigan newspaper, reprinted in the No Comment section of the May 1973 issue of Ms. How demeaning of this guy! “Hey, that’s my wife’s car. I definitely did NOT drive into a snow drift.” Yeah, sure.

From the Stacks: Paper Bags Required


If you thought we had it bad with today’s advertising, check out this atrocity that was reprinted in the December 1973 No Comment section of Ms. “You’ll have to wear a paper bag over your head, but hey, at least you get to decorate it however you want!”

Then + Now: Celebrating YOU


The January 1975 cover of Ms. (left) celebrated International Women’s Year by using a mirror to evoke the reaction, “Holy moly! I’m on the cover of Ms.!” Thirty-two years later, in 2007, Time magazine declared “YOU” its “Person of the Year” (right) in recognition of the ascent of YouTube and other information-sharing networks. Both covers […]

From the Stacks: Ms. Mary Self-Worth


Ms. Mary Self-Worth, originally printed in the November 1976 issue of Ms., references the Mary Worth comics of the ’40s and ’50s and claims to answer the question, “Can the women’s movement laugh at itself?” It seems pretty groundbreaking for the times to be discussing rape and abortion in comic form, but it also seems […]

From the Stacks: Pre-1972 Women’s History Quiz

Answer Sheet

Can you name 10 women who have made important contributions to American history and development? (No presidents’ wives, writers or singers–and no one living today.) If this was difficult, try naming 10 men. Easy? In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve gone back into the archives and found this delightful quiz originally printed in the […]

Then + Now: Binaca


This Binaca ad (left) we found in the the April ’73 issue of Ms. seems incredibly wholesome–and feminist–compared to this ad in Rolling Stone (right) that Ms. ran as a “No Comment” in our most recent issue.  It’s too bad Binaca now believes in “sex sells” over “sisterhood sells”…