NEWSFLASH: Bureaucracy Shows Its Baby Bump

pregnant pause

Dependence on government assistance is the norm for most couples who unintentionally become pregnant. A recent study from the Guttmacher Institute shows two-thirds of them turn to public insurance programs such as Medicaid, nearly twice the rate of people who intended to have kids. State and federal governments spent $12.5 billion dollars in 2008 to […]

NEWSFLASH: California Governor Vetoes Child Victims Act


Over the weekend, California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed Senate Bill 131. The veto comes as a disappointment to many who, despite the fact that Gov. Brown is a former Jesuit seminarian, felt that he would let the bill, also known as the Child Victims Act, pass into law. It would have extended the statute of limitations […]

NEWSFLASH: California Governor Expands Abortion Access


At a time when most states are pushing legislation to cut abortion access (we’re looking at you, Texas), the Golden State has set a shining example for women’s rights. Yesterday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 154 into law, a bill which improves access to early abortion in California. AB 154 makes California the only […]

NEWSFLASH: Hundreds March in Ohio: “We Won’t Go Back!”


As state legislators returned from their summer recess and prepared to debate even more anti-woman bills, hundreds of demonstrators from more than 50 women’s, labor and other groups marched on the Ohio state capitol in Columbus. Angered by draconian attacks on women’s health care, they vowed to defeat the politicians supporting such legislation. Said Eleanor […]

NEWSFLASH: Texas Clinics Attempt to Block Anti-Abortion Law


Backed by the Center for Reproductive Rights, the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, a group of women’s health clinics in Texas are suing the state to overturn parts of a recent law cutting abortion access. The stringent abortion restrictions that were signed into law by Texas Gov. Rick Perry after Senator (and potential gubernatorial candidate) Wendy […]

Brava, Diana Nyad!!!


110 miles 53 hours 64 years old Fifth try in 35 years Today, distance swimmer Diana Nyad finally completed her long-held dream to swim nonstop from Cuba to the U.S. without a shark cage!!!! Amazing, inspiring, heroic, fill in your own additional adjective …. Photo of water in Key West, Fla., from Flickr user Fifth […]

NEWSFLASH: DOD Releases Weak Sexual Assault Reform Measures

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Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel officially released seven measures Thursday, aimed at preventing sexual assault in the military. The measures have been anticipated amidst the growing pressure on the Department of Defense to take action on what Hagel himself has described as a “scourge” to be stamped out. The measures follow a set of initiatives […]

Gloria Steinem To Be Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom


President Barack Obama announced on Thursday that writer and feminist activist Gloria Steinem, cofounder of Ms. magazine, will be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States, later this year. She joins nearly 600 distinguished people who have won the award since it was established in 1963. According to the […]

NEWSFLASH: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: N.C. Gov. Signs Anti-Abortion Bill

pat mc

Politicians should never make promises they can’t keep. Yes, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, I’m speaking to you—as a North Carolinian born and bred, let me officially say on behalf of my home state: Shame, shame, shame! On July 12, Gov. McCrory announced that he would sign the omnibus anti-abortion bill S. B. 353 if […]

NEWSFLASH: In England and Wales, Another Win for Marriage Equality


A trek through the House of Commons, the House of Lords and sealed with a royal assent from Queen Elizabeth II made it official Wednesday: Passage of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill has officially brought marriage equality to England and Wales. They join the other 16 countries that have now legalized marriage equality. The […]