New Alliance Takes Aim at Sexist Ads

UN Women and Unilever have launched the Unstereotype Alliance—an initiative to drive away harmful gender stereotypes and sexism from large industry advertisements.

NO COMMENT: How “Central Intelligence” Plays Into Our Toxic Masculinity Problem

I, for one, won’t be seeing Central Intelligence—because I don’t believe that you need a “big Johnson” to save the world. (Or a Johnson at all, for that matter.)

Bloomingdale’s Issues Apology for Printing Date Rape-y Ad

Department store Bloomingdale’s came under fire this week after customers discovered a highly questionable ad in its holiday catalog, and called out the retailer on social media. Decked out in clothing from designer Rebecca Minkoff, a male model (described by Jezebel writer Stassa Edwards as “some creep, who looks a little too much like Robin Thicke”) […]

No Comment: Target’s “Trophy” T-Shirt Is Sexist

Target is selling a shirt with the word “Trophy” printed across the front in big, bold letters—in its juniors section. (!) After stumbling upon the shirt in her local Target about a month ago, a Wisconsin woman launched a petition on calling for the company to stop selling the shirt. For a bit of background, […]

No Comment: “Skinny People Eat Skinny Pasta”

If you live in Los Angeles, you’re probably used to seeing billboards featuring barely dressed, thin, gorgeous models all over town. And if you’ve been paying attention recently, you may have seen those same models being used to advertise pasta—yes, pasta. With billboards now up in the L.A. area, new food brand skinnypasta has moved its marketing campaign out of […]

No Comment: Federal Student Aid’s Offensive Tweet

Today, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Twitter account tweeted the message at left. It references a scene from Bridesmaids in which Kristen Wiig’s character gets drunk on an airplane and tries to sneak into first class. But while both Bridesmaids and Kristen Wiig are hilarious, using them to make light of poverty and U.S. […]

No Comment: Target Practice on the Scantily Clad Zombie Ex-Girlfriend

“Be warned, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned but a man scorned is nothing to mess with!” For less than $100 you can now buy “The Ex” for target practice, a life-sized mannequin of a woman that bleeds when you shoot it. The product is “hand painted … to give you that realistic look.” […]

NO COMMENT: Have I Been Driving a Honda ‘He’ All This Time?!

Ladies, do you feel like your car isn’t the right fit for you? Are you tired of testosterone-tainted colors such as black, blue or silver? Do the complicated controls and audio system confuse you? Do you even know where those are? Then girl, here’s the right car for you: Honda Fit She’s, like a new […]

NO COMMENT: Even Tweens Can Be Sexualized for Halloween

Halloween costumes have somehow managed to breach a new level of offensive. Spirit Halloween, a company that has hundreds of stores nationwide, has been getting a little bit too creative with descriptions of their online costumes–particularly ones aimed at tween girls. Not only do they seem to think that teens should look sexy, but that […]

No Comment: The Singapore-Mentos Hookup

Every August 9, Singapore celebrates National Day, a commemoration of when the country gained its independence from Malaysia in 1965. And now, thanks to the mint brand Mentos, Singaporeans have another event to celebrate on August 9: National Night. Inspired by the country’s decreasing birth rate, Mentos teamed up with the Singaporean government to produce […]

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