No Comment: “Always”‘ Transphobic Drag Queen Ad

[Update: It seems the viral video was either a spoof or a potential ad that Always decided not to run. We apologize to Always, but still find the ideas behind the video–whoever made it–pretty offensive. Thanks to Ms. blog commenters for keeping us accurate!] A viral video claiming to be an Always ad for menstrual […]

Victory! Goodwill Removes Billboard

Denver’s branch of Goodwill Industries, the thrift-store chain that has always positioned itself as a helping hand to diverse communities across the U.S., recently launched a new series of advertisements with the slogan “The Goodwill Effect.” Riding my bike last week in the city, I came across the following billboard for the campaign: “She discovered […]

No Comment: Molson Coors Knows What Women Want–Pink Beer

It seems ad execs at Molson Coors were looking for a new way to alienate include women. With only 17 percent of Molson Coors’ sales coming from women, company heads knew they had to do something. But instead of, say, rethinking their exclusively male-targeted ad campaigns for Coors Light (for example), they’ve found a simpler […]

No Comment: Summer’s Eve Gives Your Vagina A New Monologue

Summer’s Eve has launched its “Hail to the V” campaign, a new series of print, online and television ads telling women to spend more time taking care of their “wunder down under.” According to Summer’s Eve marketing director Angela Bryant, the campaign is “all about empowerment.” You be the judge: Let me admit that […]

No Comment: Duke Nukem Forever

It’s no surprise when new video games are bloody and overtly sexist. Grand Theft Auto drew outrage when players realized they could not only solicit sex but also kill the sex worker (after she’s done, of course). Recently released Duke Nukem Forever may actually one-up Auto, as it’s a game in which objectifying women isn’t […]

No Comment: “Give Us Your Cash, Bitch”

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes “Give Us Your Cash, Bitch,” the frontrunner for the most racism and misogyny ever combined in one political ad. In it, Los Angeles City Council member Janice Hahn, who is running for California’s 36th Congressional seat against Republican Craig Huey, is portrayed as a stripper […]

No Comment: Woman-As-Meat Shirt

Eww. This is the “carne t-shirt” from Los Angeles-based “street subculture” clothing line The Hundreds, and it has a naked woman cut up like pieces of meat on it. The “details”of the shirt that The Hundreds provides are especially disgusting: Mmmm. Carne. Oh, sorry, I got a bit distracted there. Not that you really care, […]

No Comment: “Even Your Wife Can Turn on the DVD!”

Finally, someone has devised a way for women to turn on the DVD! Thanks, AudioOne, for making a product so simple even a woman can use it! On first blush, this electronics ad, submitted by Ms. reader Caroline in Lexington, SC, seems to be a real throwback to advertising of the 1950’s. Unfortunately, we may […]

No Comment: Carl’s Jr Exec Discovers Turkey Is a Country

Thursday night used to be my happy night, thanks to the reigning queens of comedy, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (NBC’s Parks and Rec, 30 Rock). But lately that perfect happiness has been marred by a Carl’s Jr. commercial: Yes, it sells turkey burgers by showing the actual Miss Turkey–Gizem Memic–in a bikini. And […]

No Comment: Caveman Courtship

Somewhere we got the idea that ”caveman” courtship involved a man clubbing a woman over the head and dragging her by the hair to his cave where he would, presumably, copulate with an unconscious or otherwise unwilling woman. This idea, as these two products show, is generally considered good for a chuckle. (glasses sent in by […]

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