Catch Gloria Steinem in a City Near You!

The latest offering from Ms. cofounder Gloria Steinem, My Life on the Road, has met with rave reviews. And for good reason. From tales of riding women-only train cars in India to traveling the country giving talks with Florynce Kennedy, My Life on the Road captures not just the breadth and depth of Steinem’s life, but also the rich tapestry of […]

A Feminist Guide to Horror Movies, Part 7: New Beginnings

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the Internet around Halloween without being confronted with those pesky feminist analyses of every goth girl, riot grrrl and geek girl’s favorite genre—horror—SHE’S BACK with that darn Feminist Guide to Horror Movies. And this time, she’s got an international agenda to promote. Have you […]

The 10 Scariest Pictures You’ll See This Halloween

Reprinted with permission from the American Association of University Women Halloween is the perfect time to tell ghost stories. But there’s nothing scarier than the true story of gender inequality in the United States. Forget ghouls, goblins, and graveyards—these 10 statistics on women’s equality reflect a reality far scarier than whatever comes out to haunt […]

We (Tentatively) Heart: Canada’s Feminist Prime Minister

While it’s still a little too early to heart him wholeheartedly (pun intended), we’re showing some tentative love for Canada’s new prime minister-elect, Justin Trudeau. In an interview that aired earlier this week, the soon-to-be PM addressed a wide range of feminist concerns, including sexual assault, victim-blaming and sexism on Parliament Hill, and declared that he’s “proud […]

Gloria Steinem on Beyonce: “You Had Me at Hello”

Good news: Gloria Steinem loves Beyonce as much as you do. In an interview with Cosmopolitan published online this week, the cofounding Ms. editor opens up about sex, relationships, Hillary Clinton’s chances at the presidency and more—and offers up this great little tidbit about fierce feminist—and Ms. cover woman!—Beyonce: I was there when Beyoncé did Chime for Change—you know, […]

How to Dress Your Kid (or Yourself) as a Rad American Woman for Halloween

Reprinted with permission from Medium Ah, Halloween season is upon us—and so are the mercurial whims of our children (“I want to be a princess! No I’m gonna be Cinderella? I changed my mind, I want to be a fairy! Elsa! Alice in Wonderland!…”) as well as the grossly gendered commercial costume options. Cue the collective […]

Remembering Mary Eastwood

Reprinted with permission from Veteran Feminists of America Veteran Feminists of America mourns the passing of Mary Eastwood, a founder of NOW and a member of VFA’s board since day one. Mary died at her home in Madison, Wisconsin October 11, 2015 of congestive heart failure. Mary was a cohort of the late, great Catherine East, VFA’s first honoree, who had […]

Jennifer Lawrence Calls Out Hollywood’s Gender Pay Gap

Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner recently launched a blog, Lenny, that features exclusive interviews with feminist stars and letters from those women, among other interesting content. This week, Dunham asked actor Jennifer Lawrence to write an open letter reacting to the 2014 Sony e-mail hack in which it was revealed that she received a significantly lower salary than […]

We Heart: Shonda Rhimes Taking On Pay Inequity

In a fabulously feminist moment on Grey’s Anatomy last week, Miranda Bailey, newly appointed chief of surgery at the fictional Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and Richard Webber, her predecessor, have it out over pay equity. Accusing Bailey of failing to pay Meredith Grey as much as a male surgeon receives, Webber tells the chief, “I would […]

Amber Rose’s Feminism: For Women Who Have “Been Through Shit”

Reprinted with permission from Autostraddle Amber Rose’s SlutWalk in Los Angeles Saturday brought together hundreds of survivors and allies in the fight to end rape culture, victim-blaming and slut-shaming. But this SlutWalk was unlike many that had come before it—and in all the best ways. The event, which took place in Pershing Square, matched up […]