We Heart: Shonda Rhimes Taking On Pay Inequity

In a fabulously feminist moment on Grey’s Anatomy last week, Miranda Bailey, newly appointed chief of surgery at the fictional Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and Richard Webber, her predecessor, have it out over pay equity. Accusing Bailey of failing to pay Meredith Grey as much as a male surgeon receives, Webber tells the chief, “I would […]

We Heart: Engineering Student Jared, a True Feminist Ally

Last week, Eastern Washington University engineering student Jared Mauldin wrote a letter to the editor of his school’s newspaper, The Easterner, in which he showed what it means to be a true feminist ally. Mauldin’s letter, addressed to the women in his class, offers up some simple lessons every “men’s rights activist” or so-called “meninist” ought […]

We Heart: Students Wearing Scarlet Letters to Protest a Sexist Dress Code

Young women at the Charleston County School of the Arts in South Carolina have been pinning homemade scarlet letters to their clothing to protest a school dress code policy they say is sexist. Organizers of the protest say they don’t oppose a dress code, but disagree with how it is disproportionately enforced with girls, while boys are given […]

We Heart: Zendaya’s Beautiful Faux-Locked Barbie

In an homage to the actor’s stunning Oscars look, Mattel is bestowing Disney star Zendaya with her own limited-edition Barbie. Considering this is the same look Fashion Police host Giuliana Rancic saw fit to criticize, it’s thrilling to see Mattel take the opportunity to show that all hairstyles are beautiful. When Zendaya walked the red carpet at the Oscars […]

We Heart: Connie Britton’s “Hair Secret”

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s… feminism! In a new video from The Representation Project—the group behind Miss Representation—actor Connie Britton of Nashville and Friday Night Lights reveals the secret to her shiny, gorgeous hair: feminism! In the video, Britton highlights some of the benefits of the f-word, her go-to beauty product: the 19th Amendment; the Violence Against […]

We Heart: East Los High‘s Representation of Genderqueer Youth

It would be an understatement to say that gender-nonconforming characters are having a bit of a moment right now. Though pop culture representations still have a long way to go, television seems to be quickly picking up the mantle in creating multi-faceted queer characters. Online streaming services especially seem to be at the forefront of […]

We Heart: Ellen DeGeneres’ Badass Clothing Line for Girls

Last month, Gap released a line of clothes for girls that subverts gender norms and celebrates kids as they really are. And oh yeah, it’s designed by your favorite talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres. The promo videos—perhaps our favorite part of the GapKids x ED campaign—not only include a women’s empowerment anthem by Le Tigre (“Deceptacon”), but also […]

We Spleen: What the AP Called Amal Clooney

Last week, three journalists—Egyptian Canadian Mohamed Fahmy, Egyptian Baher Mohamed and Australian Peter Greste—were sentenced in Egypt to three years behind bars for their work with Al-Jazeera. The sentence was shocking, another example of the erosion of press freedom in Egypt, but the journalists are fighting back. Representing Fahmy is Amal Clooney, an esteemed human rights […]

We Heart: The Feminism of “Dear Abby”

“Dear Abby,” a popular advice column featured in newspapers around the country, is well-known for its heartfelt (and quick-witted) responses. But did you know that the writers behind “Dear Abby” have also dished out sound advice related to sexual health and gender? This Monday, Abby answered a question from “Stunned in Pennsylvania,” who wrote to her seeking advice on […]

We Heart: Janelle Monáe’s #BlackLivesMatter Activism

Last Friday, singer Janelle Monáe appeared on the Today show to perform as part of its summer concert series. After finishing her song “Tightrope,” she began to give an impassioned speech to the still-cheering crowd: Yes Lord! God Bless America! God Bless all who have lost lives to police brutality! We want white America to […]

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