We Heart: LEGO’s New Women Scientists


LEGO recently announced their new limited edition Research Institute set, which will feature three women scientist minifigures—a rare commodity in a LEGO set. In 2013, LEGO released Professor C. Bodin, a female scientist in an unspecified discipline, but the new figures, set to debut in August, will include more detailed designs of a paleontologist, an […]

We Heart: HGTV for Cancelling New Show Over Hosts’ Anti-Gay Views


Home improvement cable network HGTV backed out of airing an upcoming reality TV series on house-flipping after it came to light that the stars of the series were anti-gay, anti-abortion activists. Twin brothers Jason and David Benham, noted real estate developers who have made a name for themselves in fixing up dilapidated homes and selling […]

We Spleen: Joan Rivers for Body-Shaming Lena Dunham


Lena Dunham, writer, producer and star of HBO’s hit show, Girls, pushes back against conventional beauty standards by frequently appearing nude on her show and embracing her physique. We applaud her for her boldness. But Joan Rivers has a different take on Dunham’s boundary-crossing ways. The Fashion Police host recently made some way-out-of-line remarks about Dunham on Howard Stern’s radio […]

We <3 McGill University for Reclaiming the "F-Word"

mcgill 4

No, Limbaugh and your like, you can no longer label feminists as typical “bra-burning, butch, bitchy, feminazi” women. The Feminist Collective of the Law School of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, is here to prove the wide diversity of feminism with their new campaign, “McGill Law Feminists.” The campaign collected photographs of McGill staff, faculty […]

We <3 the General Manager of Fairbanks’ Co-op Market


After much debate in Fairbanks over the sale of Ms. at their local Co-op Market, citizens have won the battle to keep the magazine on the shelves. Local assemblyman Lance Roberts hadn’t wanted the market to carry such an “extremely left-wing magazine,” but once it refused to bend to his conservative will, he dropped his […]

We <3 Supporters of the Irish LGBT Community


In the tradition of St. Patrick’s Day, many cities will be celebrating the Irish heritage of their citizens in a flood of green, surrounded by the aroma of corned beef and cabbage and washing everything down with a pint of Guinness. New York and Boston mayors Bill de Blasio and Martin Walsh, however, decided to […]

We Heart: Fake Magazine Covers That Expose Real Inequality


What would happen if, instead of celebrities and supermodels, magazine covers showcased women and girls who are invisible to society? That was the motivation behind the Cover Stories campaign, launched by Catapult, a crowd-funding site that connects nonprofit women-oriented projects to potential donors and supporters (think of it as a feminist Kickstarter). In observation of […]

We Spleen Florida Justice


If you’re going to fire a gun in Florida, make sure you hit your target. At least that seems the only way to evade conviction. George Zimmerman was found not-guilty in 2013 for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin; Michael Dunn was recently convicted of attempted murder for shooting at three unarmed teenagers, but a […]

We <3 NYC for Protecting Pregnant Workers


The Ms. Blog gives a standing ovation to New York City for passing the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which went into effect January 30. In 1978, the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act made such discrimination illegal in the workplace, comparing pregnant women to “temporarily disabled” employees. But by viewing a woman’s pregnancy as a “disability,” employers […]

We Heart: A&E CEO Nancy Dubuc!


We love it when powerful women stand up for what’s right, and A&E Networks president and CEO Nancy Dubuc did just that when she decided to suspend Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson this week after he made racist and homophobic comments in an interview with GQ Magazine, even comparing homosexuality to bestiality. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, […]