We Heart: Affordable Contraception, Thanks to ACA


The rolling out of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) this year, despite website difficulties, has already been quite beneficial for women. A study just released by the Guttmacher Institute shows the law has greatly improved millions of women’s access to affordable contraception. A year after the ACA started requiring private insurance companies to cover contraception […]

We Heart: President Obama’s Speech on Income Inequality


We love President Obama’s support of the fight for a living wage! On Wednesday, the President gave a speech about the economy and the Affordable Care Act in which he called income inequality the “defining challenge of our time.” In the speech, delivered in one of the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in Washington D.C., Obama said, […]

We Heart: Sen. Elizabeth Warren!


How could we not love Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., for her candid speech on the Senate floor yesterday about the government shutdown? The senator put a verbal smack-down on continued attempts to cut women’s access to birth control through assaults on the Affordable Care Act, even at the expense of our government and economy. She […]

We Heart: Mark Ruffalo for His Pro-Choice Activism


Maybe you already loved Mark Ruffalo for his Bruce Banner roles or for the Thriller dance mob scene in 13 Going on 30 or his anti-fracking activism. Well, now you can add pro-choice advocate to the list of his feminist credentials. The actor recently penned a very personal and touching letter to be read at […]

Dear Onion Writers: Sexual Abuse Isn’t Funny


TRIGGER WARNING: SEXUAL ABUSE DISCUSSION I’m a long-time fan of The Onion. I generally find it both intelligent and hilarious, their social and political commentary being more spot-on than that of many serious news sources. That said, I find it especially disappointing when The Onion takes an all-too-common turn into misogyny. In February, they sparked […]

We Heart: “Blurred Lines” Parodies


Ever since Robin Thicke’s recording of “Blurred Lines” and its accompanying video was released, people have been talking about the rape-y nature of the lyrics and the nudity of the women models in the uncensored version of the video. After Thicke claimed that “Blurred Lines” is actually “a feminist movement in itself,” the talk turned […]

Ellen Page and Toni Collette Are Feminists, But Susan Sarandon Is Not?


This month has been a mixed one for the F word in Hollywood. Just as Ellen Page and Toni Collette showed us what feminists look like, Susan Sarandon baffled many of her women fans by refusing to claim the term. In an interview with The Guardian, Page put it succinctly: How could it be any […]

We “Like” the Westboro Baptist Church on Facebook

Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 12.34.14 PM

You may be surprised to hear Ms. recommending anything involving the notorious anti-LGBT hate group, the Westboro Baptist Church. Before you judge us, though, take a look at the Westboro Baptist Church Facebook page. A quick scroll through their timeline brings up posts including inspiring quotes from Buddha, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Dalai Lama, […]

We Heart: Said To Lady Journos Tumblr

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As a lady journo myself, I’ve experienced my fair share of sexist, ignorant remarks when I was out reporting. “They let you carry around that big Nikon?” “You sure you should be out here by yourself?” When a social justice project took me to different communities in South Los Angeles for on-the-street interviews, I was […]

Yes, Michelle, We Are Shocked By Your Homophobia


According to news and social media reports coming out of San Francisco, long-respected singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked–known for such songs as “Anchorage” and “If Love Was a Train,” went on a stunning anti-gay marriage rant during her show last night at the club Yoshi’s. She reportedly said to audience members, “You can go on Twitter and […]