We “Like” the Westboro Baptist Church on Facebook

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You may be surprised to hear Ms. recommending anything involving the notorious anti-LGBT hate group, the Westboro Baptist Church. Before you judge us, though, take a look at the Westboro Baptist Church Facebook page. A quick scroll through their timeline brings up posts including inspiring quotes from Buddha, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Dalai Lama, […]

We Heart: Said To Lady Journos Tumblr

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As a lady journo myself, I’ve experienced my fair share of sexist, ignorant remarks when I was out reporting. “They let you carry around that big Nikon?” “You sure you should be out here by yourself?” When a social justice project took me to different communities in South Los Angeles for on-the-street interviews, I was […]

Yes, Michelle, We Are Shocked By Your Homophobia


According to news and social media reports coming out of San Francisco, long-respected singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked–known for such songs as “Anchorage” and “If Love Was a Train,” went on a stunning anti-gay marriage rant during her show last night at the club Yoshi’s. She reportedly said to audience members, “You can go on Twitter and […]

We Heart: Feminists of Generation Now

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Most Pinterest users pin DIY inspiration, vacation ideas and delicious recipes to their boards. Shelby Knox and Steph Herold pin feminists. Their board, “Feminists of Generation Now,” is an ever-growing response to a CNN piece published last fall titled “Where Are All The Millenial Feminists?” The CNN article claimed that women today are shying away […]

We Heart: Houston for Taking Action on the Rape Kit Backlog

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The formidable rape kit backlog has been making news for several years. There are hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits in crime facilities around the country, just sitting in storage while the rapists those kits could have helped convict walk the streets. Many jurisdictions have no policies that require the testing of all collected […]

We Heart: Ellen DeGeneres For Her Rip on the Boy Scouts

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As if we needed more, here’s yet another reason to love Ellen DeGeneres. Fighting bigotry with humor, Ellen decided to use her daily monologue to speak out against the Boy Scouts of America, who recently postponed a decision on whether to accept openly gay members. Scout leaders were supposed to vote last week on the […]

We Heart: Hasbro, for Responding to Gender Criticism

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On Monday, Hasbro announced that it will debut a gender-neutral Easy Bake Oven, after McKenna Pope, an eighth-grader from New Jersey, started a petition on Change.org asking the company to feature boys on its packaging. The 13-year-old garnered support from more than 44,000 people, including celebrity chef Bobby Flay. Pope, who started the widely publicized […]

We Heart: FORCE, for Making Consent Go Viral!


If you visited any of Victoria’s Secret’s social media outlets last night, you might have noticed they were advertising something slightly different from the usual lacy thongs and push-up bras. Within ten hours, 50,000 people had visited PinkLovesConsent.com, a Victoria’s Secret site featuring a collection of consent-promoting underwear. “Why does Pink heart consent?,” reads the […]

We Heart: Mckenna Pope for Supporting Boys Who Want to Cook

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When Mckenna Pope, a New Jersey eighth-grader, found her younger brother “cooking” tortillas on his lamp’s light bulb, she knew exactly what to get him for Christmas: the Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven by Hasbro. However, when she and her parents looked into purchasing one for the 4-year-old boy, they were troubled by the fact that it […]

We Heart: Mazie Hirono, Tulsi Gabbard and Grace Meng for Diversifying Congress


                Tuesday’s election has given many reasons for women to celebrate. What with the record-breaking 20 women senators, Tammy Baldwin being the first openly gay senator-elect or the most congresswomen in the House of Representatives, 2012 could be the new Year of the Woman. Added to the list […]