We Spleen: Women as “Tomatoes” in Country Music

Last week in an interview for Country Aircheck Weekly, radio consultant Keith Hill, described as “the world’s leading authority on music scheduling,” offered up this spleen-worthy tidbit about the role of women in country music radio: If you want to make ratings in country radio, take females out. The reason is … women like male […]

We Heart: Marvel’s Badass Microtech Challenge for Girls

According to a report from the American Association of University Women, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering women through education and research programs, the United States will need 1.7 million more engineers and computer scientists within the next 10 years. With women and girls still severely underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and math, otherwise known as “STEM” […]

Our Favorite Funny Women Call Out Sexism in Hollywood

Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, Gina Rodriguez, Tracee Ellis Ross, Ellie Kemper and Kate McKinnon. Imagine all these incredibly talented women comedians in the same room together. Talking about battling misogyny in Hollywood, how to be funny and still be feminist, and why women need to stop starting so many sentences with “sorry.” Now stop imagining because The […]

We Heart: The Truth About Crisis Pregnancy Centers

There are more than 3,500 “crisis pregnancy centers” across the country—you likely have one in your community. CPCs are faux clinics staffed by people with little to no medical training and are often located near abortion clinics. The staff provide false information about pregnancy to women in an attempt to dissuade them from obtaining abortions. […]

We Heart: Taylor Swift’s Feminist Evolution

Taylor Swift’s feminist evolution continues. Just last year, she had a “feminist awakening” and embraced the label after years of side-stepping the issue in interviews. She credited her friend, Girls creator Lena Dunham, with her change of heart, saying Dunham made her realize she had been a feminist all along. Now she’s speaking out even more, […]

We Heart: Google’s Celebration of Feminist Badass Nellie Bly

Oh Nellie, take us all around the world and break those rules cos you’re our girl! May 5 marks pioneering journalist and world traveler Nellie Bly’s 151st birthday and as a tribute to the remarkable life of this extraordinary woman, Google designed a delightful Doodle featuring a cartoon Bly and the sweet vocal stylings of […]

We Heart: Amy Schumer’s Takedown Of Hollywood Sexism

Comedian Amy Schumer’s star has been rising—make that soaring—over the last few months: Not only has her Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer, received critical acclaim and been picked up for a fourth season, she recently received a Peabody Award for the “smart, distinctively female and amiably profane” program, as the Peabodies described it. This week, in a […]

We Heart: The Perfect Comeback to a Sexist Jab

Microaggressions are everywhere: at school (“You’re Asian, you must be good at math!”), at lunch (“Do you really need to eat that?”) and even in your own family (“So when are you having kids?”) Women face these kinds of sexist and racist jabs daily, and it’s not always possible to come up with a witty […]

We Heart: Badass Pregnant TV Reporter Standing Up to Body-Shamers

Canadian meteorologist Kristi Gordon of Global News in British Columbia is visibly pregnant and still working every day. When some news viewers took issue with her changing body and sent hurtful letters to the station criticizing her appearance, Gordon made a gutsy move and took to the air to speak out against bullying. On a […]

We Heart: Terry Crews, Fierce Feminist

You might know that Terry Crews is a former NFL player or that he plays a sweet-tough cop on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But you may be surprised to learn that he’s also a badass feminist. Crews recently spoke to DAME magazine’s Alanna Schubach about masculinity, women in the workforce and rape culture in sports, and boy did he have some […]

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