We Heart: Amy Schumer’s Takedown Of Hollywood Sexism

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Comedian Amy Schumer’s star has been rising—make that soaring—over the last few months: Not only has her Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer, received critical acclaim and been picked up for a fourth season, she recently received a Peabody Award for the “smart, distinctively female and amiably profane” program, as the Peabodies described it. This week, in a […]

We Heart: The Perfect Comeback to a Sexist Jab

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Microaggressions are everywhere: at school (“You’re Asian, you must be good at math!”), at lunch (“Do you really need to eat that?”) and even in your own family (“So when are you having kids?”) Women face these kinds of sexist and racist jabs daily, and it’s not always possible to come up with a witty […]

We Heart: Badass Pregnant TV Reporter Standing Up to Body-Shamers

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Canadian meteorologist Kristi Gordon of Global News in British Columbia is visibly pregnant and still working every day. When some news viewers took issue with her changing body and sent hurtful letters to the station criticizing her appearance, Gordon made a gutsy move and took to the air to speak out against bullying. On a […]

We Heart: Terry Crews, Fierce Feminist


You might know that Terry Crews is a former NFL player or that he plays a sweet-tough cop on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But you may be surprised to learn that he’s also a badass feminist. Crews recently spoke to DAME magazine’s Alanna Schubach about masculinity, women in the workforce and rape culture in sports, and boy did he have some […]

We Heart: Ashton Kutcher’s Crusade for Diaper-Changing Tables in Men’s Restrooms

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Ashton Kutcher, who we already kind of loved for his activism against child pornography and sex trafficking, boosted his feminist street cred even further this week. The new dad of a five-month-old girl took to Facebook to critique the parenting double standard that leads to providing only women’s bathrooms with diaper-changing tables. The actor wrote: […]

We Heart: Trailblazing Senator Barbara Mikulski

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The pioneering politician who “made it okay for women to wear pants in the Senate” won’t be seeking re-election. Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), the longest-serving woman in the U.S. Senate, announced her pending retirement yesterday at a news conference in Baltimore. In her nearly 30 years in the Senate, Mikulski achieved many firsts, including being […]

We Heart: Catcalling Your Mom to End Street Harassment

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Here’s one way to stop street harassers in their tracks: Trick them into catcalling their own mothers—then watch the mama-rage rain down. That’s the premise of an anti-street-harassment campaign out of Lima, Peru. The video below, first posted on YouTube in Spanish in November (and subtitled in English earlier this month), shows a team tracking […]

George Lucas: “Girls Go to the Movies Just Like Anyone Else”

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It looks like the trend of gender-balanced children’s movies might be here to stay. Today marks the release of Strange Magic, an animated musical by Disney that revolves around the fairytale adventures of two sisters. This latest addition to the growing list of girl-centered kids’ movies comes from an unlikely source: Star Wars creator George Lucas. […]

We Spleen: Florida State for Not Listening to Rape Survivors

Jameis Winston attending the university hearing

Jameis Winston, the Florida State quarterback who was accused of sexual assault by a fellow student, was cleared of any violations of FSU’s code of conduct in a university hearing this week. The anonymous female student reported the alleged rape in December 2012, and this decision brings about a disappointing end to a two-year embroilment […]

We (forever) Heart: Toni Morrison


From Beloved to Song of Solomon, 83-year-old Toni Morrison has shared a panoply of great novels with the world. The author’s accolades range from the Nobel Prize in Literature to the Pulitzer, earning her works a lasting spot as American classics. Earlier this month, Knopf announced it will be printing the author’s eleventh novel, God […]