What Kavanaugh Means for Kenya

When developed countries politicize the female body, those of us in developing countries feel the effects.

Women in Kenya Want Access to Quality Maternal Health Care

Accessibility to quality health care centers is a major issue that contributes to high maternal mortality rates in Kenya—and now, women across the country are demanding the care they need.

The Case for Gender Equality—On This Day and Every Other

We at Save the Children have put gender equality at the top of our agenda. On this International Day of the Girl, we’re calling on the U.S. government to do the same.

We Heart: The International Day of the Girl Anthems Celebrating Young Feminists Worldwide

Two girl-powered videos are taking the Internet by storm today as feminists around the world celebrate International Day of the Girl.

What Nadia Murad’s Nobel Peace Prize Means for War-Time Rape Survivors Around the World

Amal Clooney has remarked that Nadia Murad defied the labels life gave her—orphan, rape victim, refugee, slave—and instead created new ones—among them survivor, leader, advocate and author. Now, she has garnered one more: Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

What Will Come of the First-Ever Convening of Feminist Foreign Ministers?

Canada hosted a historic convening last month of female foreign ministers organized in an effort to cultivate feminist foreign policy that actually sustains lasting change—as opposed to policies that do not spur meaningful action.

Bringing Women to the Front of NATO’s Critical Work for International Security

Under Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller’s leadership, NATO has redoubled efforts to integrate women’s perspectives and participation.

Peace Heroes: Why Nancy Yammout Met with Extremists in Lebanese Prisons

Lebanon’s prison cells are home to many extremists. Nancy Yammout and her sister, Maya, decided to reach out to them and see if they could be convinced to move away from their radical and violent pasts. 

Examining Modern-Day Witch Hunts

The most merciless and widespread European witch hunts occurred in the 16th and 17th centuries, and are presumably a thing of the past. Author and feminist historian Silvia Federici is working to keep those memories alive—because only by examining the parallels between history and the present can we prevent that level of brutality from being unleashed again.

Ele Não: Women Stand United Against the “Brazilian Trump”

Much like the millions who have taken to the streets to protest the Trump administration, women are sounding the alarm on the danger Jair Bolsonaro poses to Brazil’s young and complicated democracy—and forming the front line in the fight to oppose his candidacy. 

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