Envisioning the Future of the #MeToo Movement: Four Key Takeaways from the 2018 Global Women’s Rights Awards

At the Feminist Majority Foundation’s 13th annual Global Women’s Rights Awards, activists from around the world celebrated the momentum of the movement for gender equality—and envisioned the way forward.

Mother of Mongols

“I mean, there are amazing amazing people out there, Mongolians. I didn’t understand. But I didn’t really think much about it. I just left it.”

This Week in Women: Why Gender Matters on the Campaign Trail and in the C-Suite

Women’s collective power in politics is only growing. But in financial power circles, women are still absent.

The Horsehead Fiddler

“Now, women collect money and feed the family and take care of the home. It is more easy for women to get the education and the jobs. It is more easy for men to get flying horses.”

The Ms. Q&A: Anna Dahlqvist is Fighting for Menstruators Around the World

“The time has come to move periods out from the shadows, and squarely in the center of our society.”

Irish Citizens Are #HomeToVoteYes

They’re coming from Los Angeles. From Buenos Aires. From Toronto. From Tokyo. This week, thousands of Irish citizens took to the skies on their way to the polls, heading home to end a draconian abortion ban.

This Week in Women: Solutions to #MeToo Start with Better Representation—in Media and in Politics

In the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s arrest and the Santa Fe shooting, the urgency around amplifying women’s voices—and the impact gender diversity in the halls of power can have—is as clear as ever.

The Hatmaker’s Daughter

“The loovuuz is my favorite hat, because it is easy to make, and it is for everyone. You wear a loovuuz, no one knows all the things about you.”

How the Royal Wedding is Fighting Period Poverty

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are using their nuptials as an opportunity to rally support for seven organizations—including a Mumbai-based non-profit that produces and distributes affordable menstrual hygiene products to women in the city’s slums.

Inclusion Riders for War and Peace

At the 2018 Academy Awards, Oscar winner Frances McDormand explained how movies can be more diverse: inclusion riders. This approach is one worth considering outside of Hollywood—including in the context of ending war and building peace.

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