International Law Demands the U.S. Do Better on Abortion Policy

New lawmakers in Congress were eager to challenge Trump’s Global Gag Rule—but Presidential memoranda are not the only barriers to bringing U.S. foreign assistance policy in line with international human rights and humanitarian law.

Keeping Score: The Good (and Bad) News About Abortion Laws

This week in feminist news: Dolores Huerta called for more feminist power, Jane Fonda spoke out on the gender gaps in Oscar nods, NARAL crunched the numbers on abortion laws nationwide and the Navy did a “Missing Man Flyover” for a woman for the first time.

The State of Paid Leave

It has been encouraging to see politicians on both sides of the aisle signal their support for a national paid parental leave plan in the days since President Trump’s State of the Union address. With any legislation, however, the devil is in the details—and the plan proposed by the administration to date is devilish indeed.

The U.S. Has Never Needed Paid Family and Medical Leave More

Congress must pass the FAMILY Act, and President Trump must sign it into law.

What the State of the Union Showed Us About Black Women’s Political Power

Stacey Abrams’ speech reminded us that when Black women lead and vote, problems get solved.

The State of Our Union: Feminists in Congress Vow to Fight on for Women’s Equality

Feminists from the House of Representatives, all dressed in “suffragette white,” came together Tuesday to sound the alarm on issues facing women across the country.

Meet the Feminists Ready to Talk Back to Trump from the Audience at the State of the Union

After much debate and delay, President Trump will deliver his State of the Union address tonight—and the audience will be ready to talk back. 

Our Leaders Can—and Must—Ask Tough Questions About Religious Freedom

The Knights of Columbus want you to believe any questions about their agenda are an attack against Catholicism. But the truth is that they are diverting tax-free resources to advance an agenda—under the guise of religious freedom—that is completely out of touch with the majority of Catholics.

WATCH: Eunice P. Justice Delivers the 2019 State Of The Uterus Address

“From East Ovary to West Ovary, all the way to South Vagina—the United States of the Uteri is being invaded by extremist politicians coming from shithole countries like Whitemanistan, and Incel-vania. Some are dangerous. Some are useless, and all of them want to destroy the freedoms the Uteri of America currently enjoy.”

Feminists in the House are Fighting on for #PaycheckFairness

Only one month after a record number of women were sworn in to serve in the 116th Congress, feminist lawmakers in the House re-introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act.

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