#SquadGoals We All Should Have 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took the internet by storm last week with an Instagram photo captioned with just one word: “Squad.” That post summed up the future we’ve been fighting for: a government made up of diverse women, who reflect the communities they represent. Women who have run as they are, and women who won as they are.

Women of Color in Washington are Getting to Work—and Facing Down Their Detractors

After the midterm election was won by women of color, with so many historic “firsts” being made in the process, our president was not in a good mood, especially when it came to journalists who happened also to be women of color trying to do their jobs.

Flight Attendants are Fighting a Culture of Harassment at American Airlines

When flight attendant Melissa Chinery’s male co-workers took to Facebook to make offensive and threatening comments about her, she filed a sexual harassment grievance with her employer. Instead of disciplining her harassers, however, American Airlines promoted them.

Uncovering Trump’s Techniques in Deception

I’m a magician, and I know exactly what tricks Donald Trump has up his sleeve. Here are seven of them.

Inside NARAL’s Three-Step Plan to Protect Abortion Access

The midterm elections reminded feminists nationwide that the fight to defend abortion rights remains far from over. That’s why, as ballots were still being counted in some states, NARAL Pro-Choice America announced a new three-step strategy to secure reproductive freedom for women in every state.

We Need to Invest in the Voices of Adolescent Girls Worldwide to Win Gender Equality

Investing in girls and young women is essential to creating a more just and equitable world—yet adolescent girls around the world often remain invisible, silenced and ignored.

Black Women are Bearing the Brunt of the Student Debt Crisis

The statistics on Black women’s incredible spending power feels like a stark contrast to our distinct debt crisis.

How the Girl Scouts Helped Make Feminist History Happen in the Midterms

At least 110 women will serve in the U.S. House and Senate next year, accounting for 20 percent of all seats in Congress. And at least 60 percent of them are former Girl Scouts.

When Will Lawmakers Stop Surveilling Women’s Bodies?

Women claimed an outsized voice last week in the first national elections since the #MeToo movement went viral—but we have a long way to go in reclaiming our bodies.

Gender Watch Hot Takes: 25 Feminist Experts React to the 2018 Election Results

We asked experts on gender, race and politics to weigh in on the 2018 election results, sharing their reactions to what happened and insights and analyses from research, practice and personal sentiments.

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