Every Vote Counts

Democrats split the Virginia state House thanks to feminist candidates–and took the tie-breaking seat by just one vote.

Trump’s Latest Pussy Grab

Women fight back as the president chips away at insurer-covered birth control.

The Trump Administration’s Visa Rules Are an Attack on Immigrant Women

“I wanted to come to the United States so I could start my own career. But now, I am sitting at home, with nothing to do. Every day is like a jail.”

The Portrayal is Political: Analyzing Abortion Onscreen

Television shows were more likely this year than in years prior to depict abortions as a means of bodily autonomy—but despite an insurgence of progressive and pointed political statements, many plot lines still missed the mark.

Federal Judge Rules Against Trump Administration’s Contraception Rules

The administration’s rules allow employers, universities and insurers to deny women access to comprehensive reproductive health care coverage by citing religious or moral objections.

#EnoughIsEnough: Inside a New Feminist Campaign To End Sexual Violence and Harassment

A coalition of powerful feminist organizations are taking aim at sexual violence and harassment in workplaces and schools—and the patriarchal systems that allow them to remain pervasive.

Women Rise Up (Again)

If only men had voted in Alabama last night, Roy Moore would be a Senator-Elect. 

One Year After Standing Rock, Women Remain at the Front of Indigenous Fights Against Big Oil

What happened in Standing Rock launched an explosive year for Native American activism, and a new crop of leaders has risen in the fight for environmental justice. Many of them are women.

Arizona State University Thinks Expulsion is “Too Severe” a Punishment for Rape

Arizona State University is pushing back on a Title IX commission recommendation that a student who raped another student be expelled, calling the punishment “too severe.” Students, however, are calling on them to stand by it.

What About the Sexual Harasser in the White House?

There’s now  long and growing list of well-known men who’ve recently seen their careers shortened or ended after accusations of sexual misconduct. And then there’s Donald Trump.

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