Taking Immigrant Women from Economic Uncertainty to Unleashed Potential

The Trump administration’s hostility toward immigrants has left women, especially those on spousal visas, in the lurch.

Women, Peace and Security at Home

If the federal government won’t turn this spotlight on ourselves, it’s time states and cities do.

Getting Women Elected is Just the First Step

The collective experience of freshman women delegates in the 2018 Virginia General Assembly laid bare the opportunities and limitations of serving a first term in office.

Dear “Incel” Guys: Try Feminism for a Change

I invite you to stand against male violence—including the violence of your fellow Incels. I invite you, in the words of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, to “listen to women for a change.”

War on Women Report No. 24

Dangerous judicial and cabinet appointments were made this week for Trump nominees—and all the while, the Trump administration continued to attack immigrants, refugees and women’s rights.

Bill Cosby is Guilty

Less than a year after a jury declared a mistrial in the charges levied against the television star by Temple University employee Andrea Constand, and in the wake of the #MeToo movement, justice has finally been served in her case.

Indiana’s Dangerous Anti-Abortion Laws are Mike Pence’s Legacy

A new law in Indiana requiring providers to track women’s medical lives after abortion is a pure expression of the ideology that men and the state must control women’s bodies and sexualities—and Mike Pence is its mascot.

How Will Male Candidates Shape the Gender Politics of the 2018 Elections?

Male candidates’ strategic and tactical decisions in this year’s election—just like women’s—will either replicate or disrupt prevailing norms of gender in society and on the campaign trail. What choices will they make?

What’s Next in the Fight for Reproductive Justice for Incarcerated Women

North Carolina officials have announced that prison officers will no longer shackle incarcerated women during childbirth—but the organizers and advocates at SisterSong, the women of color reproductive justice collective that led the campaign against shackling in the state, aren’t yet embarking on a victory march.

Diversity and SNAP Decisions: How Women’s Voices Would Have Built a Better Farm Bill

The House proposal to cut funding for food stamps in the 2018 Farm Bill is fundamentally divorced from the reality and lived experiences of women’s lives. It’s not based upon any true understanding of what it is that women actually need to work. And that’s unsurprising—since a group of white, male members introduced it.

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