Ms. Executive Editor Katherine Spillar Presented With an Honorary Doctorate

Spillar graduated magna cum laude from TCU in 1975, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Urban Studies. She also has a Master’s of Science interdisciplinary degree in Economics, Urban Studies and Business from Trinity University.

These Are Not My People

Anti-feminist women don’t want me to explain their best interests to them. Offred isn’t going to change Aunt Lydia’s mind.

How the Trump Administration’s Attacks on Title IX Hurt LGBTQ Survivors

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ latest proposed Title IX guidelines continue the Trump administration’s attack on LGBTQ rights—and leave transgender and queer students in danger. 

Women Who Know Their Place: Meet the New Feminists in the Senate

Meet the feminist challengers who won in November—and are taking their fights to the Senate starting today.

Women Who Know Their Place: Meet the New Feminists in the House of Representatives

Meet the 36 feminists being sworn in on Capitol Hill today to serve in the House.

Holding the Line for Women

Inspired by the massive Women’s March movement, encouraged by feminist organizations and energized by passionate volunteers, record numbers of women candidates—many of them first-timers—stepped forward to run for office in the midterm elections. And they won in historic numbers.

Bodies on Backlog

After Helena was released, she had a 13-day wait until more evidence turned up—her car, still covered in the dusty outline from where her body was plastered to the hood during her assault. After the police dispatched to handle her case had fulfilled their required duties, Helena waited again, this time for 13 years.

The Canary in the Coal Mine: Racism, Human Rights and Fighting for Incarcerated Pregnant Black Women

If the crumbling status of Black America is a telltale sign of the dangers and threats that eventually befall all Americans, incarcerated Black women are the canary in the coal mine—and not just for incarcerated women, but for women across the country.

Sex or Eviction: Confronting Sexual Harassment in Housing

We’ve heard a lot in the last year about sexual harassment at work and in schools—but what about sexual harassment at home?

The 10 #MeToo Sheroes Who Led the Fight Against Sexual Harassment in 2018

2018 was a powerful year for survivors, advocates and their allies working to end sexual harassment—and these sheroes led the way.

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