Hillary Was Right: Real Talk About the Deplorables

Unless we reckon with the depth and staying power of white supremacy and toxic masculinity, we will never be able to do anything more than defend what little inclusion and democracy we have. That begins with acknowledging it.

Continuing the Fight for Constitutional Equality

The Equal Rights Amendment is making a comeback—and in a day-long event organized by the Brennan Center for Justice, an array of politicians, scholars, legal advocates and activists examined the implications.

How the Shutdown is Hurting Victims of Domestic Violence

The level of uncertainty for domestic violence victims and the programs that serve them is increasing as the federal government shutdown drags on with no end in sight.

What Choice Means to Childfree Women

Women, children and communities thrive when parenthood is a choice that is made freely, and not forcibly.

From Roe to Reproductive Justice

When young Asian immigrant women like Purvi Patel and Bei Bei Shuai are being criminalized for the outcomes of their pregnancies, all of us should be asking ourselves what more must be done to achieve reproductive justice—and not just secure our reproductive rights. 

What Losing Roe Would Mean for Women of Color

Overturning the landmark Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion could leave women facing handcuffs, not looking for coat hangers.

No Time Limit on Equality: Tell Congress to Ratify the ERA!

Send your Representative and Senators an email today urging them to put women in the U.S. Constitution.

Marching On for Working Moms

What talent are we losing in our country’s business, security or political leadership by forcing young women to make impossible choices between work and family?

Supporting Survivors Must Matter—Even During a Government Shutdown

The recent expiration of VAWA, set against the backdrop of the partial government shutdown, makes it clear that we are not done moving forward—and that we must continue to fight to protect and advance the gains for survivors that we’ve won since the landmark legislation passed.

Janes Demand Action

Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts entered 2019 as optimistic as ever about the movement tog end gun violence—and with good, feminist reason.

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