How Gender Shaped the Rohingya Genocide

Gender was integral to how the military committed its crimes against the Rohingya in Burma—and gender must be central to any and all efforts aimed at justice and accountability. 

Views from the Frontlines of a Historic Candidacy and a Feminist Uprising

After the 2016 election, I wanted to put down my camera and cry forever—but if Hillary was not going to give up, how could I? Our second chapter was just beginning, and I wanted to be there to document it. 

Pass It On: Give the Gift of Ms. to Women in Prisons and Domestic Violence Shelters

Out of sight may mean out of mind—and heart. For women in prison, this is the tragedy. For the rest of us, this invisibility keeps us from realizing how much women in prison may resemble and could be you and me.

Convenience is Key When it Comes to Contraception

Convenience can only be considered trivial in matters of contraception if the realities of women’s lives are considered trivial, too.

TAKE ACTION: It’s Time to Speak Out on Title IX

Systemic failure creates more victims and empowers the perpetrators. That’s why Title IX protections around campus sexual assault must remain in place.

What Women’s Election Day Victories Mean for the Affordable Care Act

The historic wins for women on Election Day were also victories for the Affordable Care Act and the people who rely on its benefits—and that’s no coincidence.

Hate Crimes are Increasing—Likely More Than We Realize

The FBI says hate crimes have risen 17 percent. What would the number be if people felt safe reporting?

Home is the Most Dangerous Place for Women Around the World

According to new findings from the UN, 58 percent of 87,000 recorded female homicides from 2017 were committed by intimate partners or family members.

Women Voters and Candidates Made History in Michigan’s Midterms

The midterms gave Democrats a lot to celebrate, but Michigan’s blue wave was in a class of its own. For the first time in 27 years, Democrats gained control of all three of the state’s top office—and for the first time ever, it was with an all-women ticket.

A New Tool to Disarm Domestic Abusers

Policies that prohibit abusers from purchasing or possessing guns are effective at reducing intimate partner homicide, but laws regarding firearm removal often vary dramatically between states, and it can be difficult for survivors and those assisting them to know what removal laws exist in their states. That’s where Disarm Domestic Violence comes in.

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