Could Women’s Economic Empowerment Worldwide Actually Win in Washington?

New legislation in the House signals that Congress may finally be catching on—and recognizing that investing in women’s economic growth can multiply impacts throughout entire communities and societies.

Snatched Away: How the Trump Administration’s Attacks on Food Stamps Impact Women

With its work requirement guidelines, the Trump administration threatens to take away poor women’s access to food.

House Lawmakers Want to Codify Trump’s Attacks on Migrant Domestic Violence Survivors

In the wake of a border crisis created by the Trump administration, Republicans in the House introduced two bills that would codify its immigration policies—and leave domestic violence survivors seeking asylum without recourse.

This Fight Isn’t Over: Immigrant Families Torn Apart by Trump’s Policy May Never Be Reunited

All told, thousands of children are now being housed like prisoners and held by federal agents—and some will never see their parents again.

Inside Argentina’s Revolution of the Daughters

“The square was physically divided in two sides,” she recalls. On the right, a tide of green handkerchiefs had formed by those in favor of decriminalizing abortion; on the left, their opponents wore blue scarves.

Trump’s Border Practices are a National Shame

The Trump Administration has deeply offended the moral sensibilities of woman and mothers across the nation—and their border policies pose a threat not just to women’s lives, but to our democracy.

Feminists Have Zero Tolerance for the Trump Administration’s Family Separation Policy

Feminists won’t be fooled by the Trump administration’s misinformation campaigns attempting to eschew blame for the border crisis. Instead, they’re fed up and fighting back.

LISTEN: Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha Looks Back at Her Fight for Flint, Michigan

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha formed a front line in Flint’s water crisis—and in her new audiobook, she tells the story of the fight of her life in her own voice. Inside is an exclusive clip for Ms. readers.

The New Jim Crow and Black Women’s Fight for Freedom

As we commemorate Juneteenth, let’s all look toward the future—and recommit to the ongoing struggle to end racism by supporting Black women leaders.

Patrisse Cullors Wants Reproductive Justice Activists to Show Up for Black Women

The Black Lives Matter co-founder sounded off on black women’s maternal health during a panel discussing with feminist activists and media-makers.

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