What Kavanaugh Means for Kenya

When developed countries politicize the female body, those of us in developing countries feel the effects.

Teen Feminists are Mobilizing Young Voters for the Midterms

Across the country, teenage girls are working hard to make young voices heard in the upcoming elections and beyond.

Trans Women #WontBeErased

Trump administration officials want to propose a legal definition of “sex” that excludes and erases the trans community. Trans women and their allies were quick to talk back on Twitter—and defiantly claim their identities in the process.

Counting on the Latina Vote in the 2018 Midterms

Latina and Latino voters could play a decisive role in more than two dozen House races around the country.

We Heart: The Website That Keeps Your Voter Registration Straight

With voting rights more under attack than ever, it’s important that everyone stay vigilant to ensure that their registrations remain active. That’s where Don’t Get Purged comes in—a new website that checks the voter rolls in your state so that you can be sure you’re all set for election day. 

Four Key Facts About Women Voters

Many have suggested that the gender gap is becoming a gender chasm. These four facts warn us that there’s more to the story.

Voters in Georgia and North Dakota are Fighting Back Against Voter Suppression in Advance of the Midterm Elections

New laws and policies in North Dakota and Georgia threaten to disenfranchise large numbers of Native American and Black voters in November—but with three weeks left until election day, activists are standing steadfast in the battle for the ballot.

Taylor Swift’s Wildest (Midterm) Dreams are Coming True

Earlier this month, Taylor Swift took the Internet by storm when she broke her career-long political silence on Instagram—and in the weeks since, hundreds of thousands of her followers heeded her call to get registered and get engaged in the midterm elections.

Women in Kenya Want Access to Quality Maternal Health Care

Accessibility to quality health care centers is a major issue that contributes to high maternal mortality rates in Kenya—and now, women across the country are demanding the care they need.

We Heart: The Video Series Telling the Stories of Young Feminist Voters

A new social media campaign by A Band of Voters is empowering activists to speak up about the issues that drive them to the polls.

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