Teodora is Going Home

El Salvador’s Supreme Court commuted the sentence of a woman sentenced to 30 years in prison for a stillbirth—declaring that “arguments of a legal nature, of justice and equity, justify her commutation.”

Love, Learning and Lockdowns

Part of being an excellent teacher is being prepared. But it’s difficult to prepare students for the possibility of violence, terror and mayhem.

What the Numbers Behind the #MeToo Movement Show Us

When the #MeToo stories began pouring out a few months ago, I thought: now is the time to procure the national data we are lacking on this issue.

It’s Long Past Time for the U.S. to Invest in Women Workers

Although the Great Recession can surely not be understood to have been a positive time for women in the workforce, it demonstrated the resiliency and importance of women in the U.S. economy. But the recovery told a different story.

He Says it Didn’t Happen: Rob Porter, Donald Trump and How We Treat Abuse Allegations

To accept an alleged perpetrator’s denial as proof of their innocence perpetuates the dynamics of domestic abuse. In the era of #MeToo, we must do better.

Pro-Choice Activists Kept Toledo’s Only Abortion Clinic Open

An Ohio abortion clinic that was dangerously close to ceasing services will continue providing abortions thanks to activist pressure—including efforts by Ms. co-founder Gloria Steinem.

Lawmakers Across the U.S. Want Menstrual Equity for Incarcerated Women

Several states are fighting to put an end to the time when women prisoners do not even make enough to afford a box of tampons.

Helping GALS Grow Into Leaders

In 2016, two teens founded Girls Advocating Leadership and Strength, a non-profit providing leadership training for middle and high school girls.

Six Ways Trump’s Budget Proposal Hurts Women

Much of Trump’s budget target the same group that has been bearing the brunt of the administration’s bigotry and intolerance: women.

Flying Out of Bed

I know why I haven’t spoken about the violence that shaped my life. If the holding of pain is hard, the speaking of it to a world that does not want to hear is not a risk most of us will take.

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