Feminist Litigators are Demanding Rights for Campus Sexual Assault Survivors—and Taking on Betsy DeVos

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos rescinded groundbreaking Obama-era guidance on campus sexual assault that made it easier for survivors to seek justice—and now, litigators are demanding her department reverse course.

Bold Moves to End Sexual Violence: Using Situational Prevention Strategies to Fight Campus Sexual Assault

To create safe, supportive environments for all people on campus, programming must consider how the campus environment impacts violence perpetration.

The High Cost of Education Inequality Worldwide

A new study by the World Bank measures the economic costs to nations which don’t educate girls—and the numbers are staggering. 

Flipping the Script on Campus Sexual Assault

A new program designed to empower women “to trust their judgement and overcome social pressures to be ‘nice’ when their sexual integrity is threatened” is proving to be a successful tool in fighting rape on college campuses.

The Ohio State University’s Sexual Misconduct Unit Dissolved in the Wake of Harrowing Claims From Survivors

Students who sought the resources of The Ohio State University’s Sexual Civility and Empowerment were told they were “lying,” “delusional” or “suffering from mental illness;” had “an active imagination,” “didn’t understand their own experience” or even “fabricated their story.”

The Trump Administration Thinks Affirmative Action Goes “Beyond the Requirements” of the Law

The Trump administration Tuesday rescinded guidance about affirmative action in higher education which stated that there is “compelling interest that post-secondary institutions have in obtaining the benefits that flow from achieving a diverse student body.”

Seeing Red

Crumbling classrooms, 25-year-old textbooks and insulting pay? Teachers are not going to take it anymore. With their #REDforED rallies and walkouts, our nation’s predominantly female educators are reminding us of the lesson we learned in kindergarten: Listen to the teachers.

Teaching Gender in International Relations Classrooms Matters

You can’t understand international security without thinking about gender and the many ways it influences behavior, access and opportunity.

The Ms. Q&A: Nikole Hannah-Jones is Thinking Bigger Than Resistance

We talked to the MacArthur Genius Award-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones about power, her Twitter bonafides and why we can’t go back to brunch after the resistance.

We Can Make National Security Policy More Inclusive—Classroom by Classroom

A new study shows that gender is missing from security policy and international relations curricula—and that both professors and students want their programs to be more intersectional.

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