#MeTooK12: Teens are Speaking Out About Assault and Harassment in Schools

K-12 schools are the training ground for the sexual harassment and assault that occurs in college and the workplace—and now, a new campaign is gaining momentum to shed light on younger assault victims.

Confronting Sexual Harassment and Hostile Climates in Higher Education

Over a 25 year period, women and people of color—faculty, staff, and graduate students—fled the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Communication. No one found it remarkable when the men stayed.

Arizona State University Thinks Expulsion is “Too Severe” a Punishment for Rape

Arizona State University is pushing back on a Title IX commission recommendation that a student who raped another student be expelled, calling the punishment “too severe.” Students, however, are calling on them to stand by it.

Congressional Lawmakers Want to Codify Title IX Protections for Campus Sexual Assault Survivors

“Today, we introduced The Title IX Protection Act for one reason: We aren’t going back.”

California Senators Want to Codify Obama-Era Title IX Guidance on Campus Sexual Assault

The Trump administration’s latest attack on campus sexual assault survivors is possibly one of the most egregious yet—and California lawmakers are fighting back.

Menstrual Equity Legislation in California Would Make Tampons and Pads Free at School for Low-Income Girls

Assembly Bill 10 cleared the state Senate 39-0 and passed through the Assembly 70-4 early last month, but is still awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature.

7 Ways the Trump Administration’s Interim Guidance on Title IX Hurts Survivors

DeVos’ guidance does nothing to “fix” the Obama administration’s guidance or address the complexities of anti-violence work. Instead, it hurts survivors in tangible ways.

25 Feminists Break Down Why We Must #StopBetsy and Stand With Campus Sexual Assault Survivors

Education Secretary Betsy Devos announced plans for a complete overhaul of the Obama-era Title IX rule that outlines procedural protocol for addressing and arbitrating campus sexual assault.

The Impact and Legacy of Ms. on Feminist Scholarship and Teaching

“[Ms.] not only helps my students understand the issues, but it also shows them how to fight back!” A conversation between Ms. authors and Co-Chairs of the Ms. Committee of Scholars.

I Fought Campus Rape Culture—With the Help of Title IX

Rumor has it that Betsy DeVos wants to reshape the Title IX policies surrounding campus sexual assault. I want to tell her my story.

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