Lawmakers are (Finally) Taking Action on Maternal Mortality

Just one day after the House of Representatives passed the Preventing Maternal Deaths Act, the U.S. Senate passed its companion bill—the Maternal Health Accountability Act.

Birth Justice: Where #MeToo and Medical Sexism Intersect

We need to start calling obstetric violence what it is.

We Can Reduce Disparities in Maternal Mortality by Listening to Women of Color

A critical step toward narrowing the racial gap in maternal health outcomes is deceptively simple: We must listen to and trust women of color.

Convenience is Key When it Comes to Contraception

Convenience can only be considered trivial in matters of contraception if the realities of women’s lives are considered trivial, too.

What Women’s Election Day Victories Mean for the Affordable Care Act

The historic wins for women on Election Day were also victories for the Affordable Care Act and the people who rely on its benefits—and that’s no coincidence.

Thanks, Birth Control!

Thanks to birth control, I lived my best life. Let’s ensure it’s available for the next generation so they can shatter every ceiling.

The Ms. Q&A: How Dr. Leana Wen Plans to Take Planned Parenthood Boldly Forward

“I recognized that we can’t wait. The cavalry isn’t coming. I need to step up and do everything I can to make this a more just, humane world.”

Pregnant Workers Deserve Better Than Impossible and Unfair Choices

Federal law allows employers in the U.S. to deny pregnant workers basic accommodations—and effectively force them to choose between their jobs and their pregnancies.

Congress is (Finally) Launching an Investigation into Maternal Mortality in the U.S.

Undoubtedly, the House Means and Ways Committee’s investigation will confirm the realities advocates have been ringing the alarm about for years. Will they defy their own records to finally do something about it?

Women Are Being Hurt the Most by the Drug Pricing Crisis

When profit-maximizing “pharma bros” hike up the price of drugs, they are disproportionately harming women.

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