What Women Want in Amsterdam (and Around the World)

I interviewed hundreds of women at the 22nd Annual AIDS Conference in Amsterdam—and discovered that, no matter where they are from, women everywhere want the same, universal things.

Confronting the Dangers of Medical Sexism at “The Bleeding Edge”

Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick’s new Netflix documentary, “The Bleeding Edge,” reveals the dangers of the world of under-regulated medical devices—and their disproportionate impacts on women’s lives.

What Women Want in India

The current global What Women Want campaign has roots in India—where advocates realized women’s voices were missing from their work to improve maternal healthcare and deliberately sought them out.

Pregnant Workers are Suing Walmart for Discrimination

Pregnant women who work at Walmart allege that they have been unlawfully punished for health-related absences—and face the threat of losing their jobs for seeking out proper medical care.

We Can All Fight #DoctorSexAbuse

The American Medical Association has never addressed the topic of sexually abusive doctors—but Dr. Meg Edison is insisting they act.

Finding Common Footing in the Fight to End Child Marriage

Conversations around child marriage all come down to sex: who should have it, when and with whom. Advocates are struggling to agree on all three questions.

Asian American Women Struggle with Birth Control Use and Safe Sex—and the Trump Administration’s Policies Aren’t Helping

The AAPI community has been facing a quiet struggle with birth control use and safe sex—a problem only exacerbated by the Trump administration’s efforts to limit access to birth control and promote abstinence-only sex education and the threat of a more conservative Supreme Court.

Daring to Remember: An Abortion Before Obamacare

I was 11 weeks pregnant and still hadn’t been seen by a proper physician. It took me three paychecks to save up the $250 it would cost me to see an OB/GYN. I would never make it to that appointment. The night before, I was rushed to the hospital with severe abdominal pain and internal bleeding.

Tennessee Lawmakers Want to Deny Critical Reproductive Health Care to the State’s Poorest Women

Politicians in Tennessee are trying to cut off sexual and reproductive health access to the over 500,000 women covered by TennCare, the state’s Medicaid program.

Pregnant Women are Being Abused and Neglected in Immigration Detention Centers

In just five months, 590 pregnant woman were booked into custody at immigration detention centers across the country—where they were then denied sufficient medical care and physically abused.

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