What Women Want in Uganda

Ms. is proud to host the What Women Want blog series—where we will share the reproductive and maternal healthcare demands from women and girls around the world. In our first installment, women from Uganda speak out on pregnancy and childcare.

The National Women’s Law Center is Suing the Trump Administration and University of Notre Dame for Denying Students Birth Control Coverage

“There’s really no basis for Notre Dame to be telling students that they have to either pay copays and deductibles for their birth control or that they have no coverage for some methods altogether. It’s preposterous—and so, we’re suing them.”

Women in the Senate are Demanding Accountability—and Solutions—for the Maternal Health Crisis in the U.S.

The Maternal Health Accountability Act passed Tuesday out of committee and is now awaiting a vote on the Senate floor.

The American Medical Association Just Elected Its First African American Woman President

MD Patrice A. Harris, a psychiatrist from Atlanta, was elected by the House of Delegates during the annual AMA meeting on June 12. She will begin her presidency next summer. 

Time’s Up for Sexually Abusive OB/GYNs

I know how it feels to realize that a doctor sexually abused you on their examination table. OB/GYN Robert A. Hadden assaulted me on at least two occasions, including when I was pregnant.

Women Deserve Better from Walgreens—and Their Lawmakers

State law and corporate policy left Nicole Arteaga without recourse when a Walgreens pharmacist refused to fill her prescription for a medication abortion based on “ethical beliefs.”

Patrisse Cullors Wants Reproductive Justice Activists to Show Up for Black Women

The Black Lives Matter co-founder sounded off on black women’s maternal health during a panel discussing with feminist activists and media-makers.

Women Around the World Lack Access to Comprehensive Contraception—This is the Solution

Whether in the United States or Ethiopia, women need more options to protect themselves. They need comprehensive prevention methods they can control and use discreetly. They need MPTs.

We Heart: The Hilarious Menstrual Equity Musical “Keep Calm and Tampon”

Today is Menstrual Hygiene Day—which we’re reclaiming here at Ms. as Menstrual Equity Day! That’s why we’re kicking back to watch “Keep Calm and Tampon,” the short musical directed, written and acted entirely by women that celebrates every single menstruator who takes on the patriarchy, everyday sexism and even the state in their fight for equality.

The Ms. Q&A: Anna Dahlqvist is Fighting for Menstruators Around the World

“The time has come to move periods out from the shadows, and squarely in the center of our society.”

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