House Lawmakers Want to Codify Trump’s Attacks on Migrant Domestic Violence Survivors

In the wake of a border crisis created by the Trump administration, Republicans in the House introduced two bills that would codify its immigration policies—and leave domestic violence survivors seeking asylum without recourse.

Trump’s Border Practices are a National Shame

The Trump Administration has deeply offended the moral sensibilities of woman and mothers across the nation—and their border policies pose a threat not just to women’s lives, but to our democracy.

Feminists Have Zero Tolerance for the Trump Administration’s Family Separation Policy

Feminists won’t be fooled by the Trump administration’s misinformation campaigns attempting to eschew blame for the border crisis. Instead, they’re fed up and fighting back.

The New Jim Crow and Black Women’s Fight for Freedom

As we commemorate Juneteenth, let’s all look toward the future—and recommit to the ongoing struggle to end racism by supporting Black women leaders.

Federal Agents Seized an Infant from Her Mother at the Border—While She Was Breastfeeding

A woman from Honduras was breastfeeding her daughter in a detention center in Texas when federal agents took her child away from her—and handcuffed her when she fought back.

Gearing up for Revolution in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s ban on women driving will finally be lifted later this month—and one woman is already showing them the rules of the road.

Peace Heroes: How Psychologist Fatima Akilu Rehabilitated Nigeria’s Extremists

In 2012, Dr. Fatima Akilu was appointed to run Nigeria’s first official counter-extremism program in the wake of Boko Haram’s grip on the nation—and integrated de-radicalization and prevention programs across the prison and education systems.

California Voters Just Recalled a Judge Who Didn’t Take Rape Seriously

“This victory is not just for Emily Doe, but for girls and women everywhere.”

Women Ambassadors, Mediocre White Men and the Iran Deal

“God, grant me the confidence of a mediocre white dude.” Sarah Hagi’s quote came to mind as I watched a bombastic, overconfident President Trump cause the demise of a truly historic nuclear deal.

Inclusion Riders for War and Peace

At the 2018 Academy Awards, Oscar winner Frances McDormand explained how movies can be more diverse: inclusion riders. This approach is one worth considering outside of Hollywood—including in the context of ending war and building peace.

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