ERA YES Pins: Fashionable (and Feminist) as Ever

The audience was awash in a sea of “suffragette white” during President Trump’s State of the Union Address last week—with a sprinkle of “equal rights green.”

10 Reasons Feminists are Wary of Neomi Rao

Donald Trump has nominated Neomi Rao to fill now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s vacated seat on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. If confirmed, she would sit on the most powerful and high-profile bench in the country beyond the Supreme Court—and shape the future of law with a distinctly anti-feminist perspective.

Neither Feminist Nor Christian

The so-called “Christian” Right has continued to attack the LGBT community—and some folks who call themselves feminists are abetting them.

Feminist Lawmakers Just Launched the Latest Fight for the Equal Rights Amendment

“Now is the time. We are demanding a seat at the table and we are ready to make equality a reality.”

Continuing the Fight for Constitutional Equality

The Equal Rights Amendment is making a comeback—and in a day-long event organized by the Brennan Center for Justice, an array of politicians, scholars, legal advocates and activists examined the implications.

No Time Limit on Equality: Tell Congress to Ratify the ERA!

Send your Representative and Senators an email today urging them to put women in the U.S. Constitution.

The Canary in the Coal Mine: Racism, Human Rights and Fighting for Incarcerated Pregnant Black Women

If the crumbling status of Black America is a telltale sign of the dangers and threats that eventually befall all Americans, incarcerated Black women are the canary in the coal mine—and not just for incarcerated women, but for women across the country.

Telling Her Story to Change History

Learning English and adjusting to life in America wasn’t easy—but the hardest part for Puja Mapchen was feeling like she wasn’t supposed to talk about her life growing up in a refugee camp.

Die Jim Crow: Meet the Inmates Fighting Back Against Mass Incarceration With Music

The “Die Jim Crow EP Book” features the voices of former and current inmates speaking out against mass incarceration. B.L. Shirelle is one of those voices—and through the Die Jim Crow collective, she’s opening up about the racialized and gendered impacts of the prison-industrial complex.

Jazmine Headley and Mothering While Black

Jazmine Headley went to a city office for a child care voucher so she could start a new job—instead, she got arrested and her baby was savagely ripped from her arms.

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