Bold Moves to End Sexual Violence: Providing Space for Healing and Liberation to Incarcerated Women

Like seeds, the systems tries to bury too many mothers behind bars—yet still, they rise.

Capitol Hill’s #MeToo Moment is Long Overdue

I tried to obtain simple information about filing a misconduct complaint against a Representative—and encountered a troubling series of gatekeeping and stonewalling procedures.

Immigration Advocates are Challenging the Trump Administration’s Anti-Woman Asylum Policies

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ so-called “expedited removal” policy is an effective death sentence for thousands of women and children—and advocates are fighting back. 

Beauty as Survival in “Orange is the New Black”

In season six of “Orange Is the New Black,” the women of Litchfield aren’t wearing makeup like they used to.

How Modern Debtors’ Prisons are Using Fees to Tear Apart Families

Too many women are landing in jail because they’re broke. For single mothers, the consequences are nothing short of devastating.

Another Federal Judge is Taking Aim at Trump’s Immigration Policies

A federal judge ruled Friday that the Trump administration’s separation of two migrant children from their parents against their will was unconstitutional—and mandated that government officials aid in finding a solution to the emotional trauma of the Trump administration’s border policies.

Three Survivors are Suing the State of Texas for Mishandling Rape Cases

Amy Smith’s rape case was dismissed without her knowledge. Ten years later, she and two other survivors are suing the state of Texas for its systemic failure to take rape seriously.

We Can Do Better: How National Security Experts Helped Pave the Way for a Muslim Ban

After the Supreme Court upheld the Trump administration’s Muslim Ban, foreign policy experts spoke out in opposition—but they have played their own role in the creation of the ban’s precedent, and the decisions about who is an “adversary” and who is not.

Feminists Respond to President Trump’s Nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court

There was a lot missing from the White House’s list of 34 statements (all from white men) about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh—so we compiled our own.

Inside Mozambique’s Women, Peace and Security Action Plan

New developments for Mozambique under the action plan include the creation of a new law against domestic violence and the signing of the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women and the African Union’s protocol on women’s rights.

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