It’s Long Past Time for the U.S. to Invest in Women Workers

Although the Great Recession can surely not be understood to have been a positive time for women in the workforce, it demonstrated the resiliency and importance of women in the U.S. economy. But the recovery told a different story.

Helping GALS Grow Into Leaders

In 2016, two teens founded Girls Advocating Leadership and Strength, a non-profit providing leadership training for middle and high school girls.

Pregnant Workers Facing Discrimination Need a #MeToo Movement

Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace has been illegal for four decades, but employers still use pregnancy as an excuse to push women out of the workplace, especially in blue-collar jobs. Just ask Amanda Van Fleet.

This is What #PaidLeaveMeans

The U.S. remains the only developed nation that does not mandate any paid leave. A new campaign seeks to illustrate what a major difference that makes in women’s lives across the country.

Securing Labor Rights for (Modern) Working Women

As the economy shifts away from traditional employment models and toward a “gig economy,” it becomes even more imperative that we realize the heavy price some people pay in the way of labor rights to stay afloat.

Women Have Gained Little Ground in Hollywood Over the Last 20 Years

The last two decades in film have marked a disappointingly slow crawl to increased representation for women behind the scenes.

The Good-Guy Awards

Working Mother’s “100 Best Companies” is great for corporate PR. But for the mothers reading this list—those companies could do better.

Exploited and Endangered: Female Factory Workers in Vietnam Open Up About Their Work Conditions

45 women in Vietnam divulged the harsh and inhumane factory conditions they face at Samsung plants in a landmark report.

Harvesting Hope for Women Farmworkers

Over 60 percent of female farmworkers in a 2010 study said they had experienced some form of sexual harassment. A 2012 report of 52 female farmworkers found that almost all of them had experienced sexual violence. One group is fighting back—and they need support.

Closing Time at the Boys’ Club

I first confronted the “boys’ club” 20 years ago. Today, it’s still alive and well.

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