Getting to Equal: Three Ways We Can All Fight for Gender Mainstreaming in the U.S.

The U.S. needs a feminist systems reboot. This is how we can help make it happen.

How the Trump Administration Gaslights Women

Last month, when then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh faced several credible allegations of sexual assault, Republican Party leadership almost immediately procured a letter signed by 64 women attesting to the Judge’s respect for women. We’ve seen this before. Nearly every alleged abuser has had a wife, daughter, childhood friend or other woman they have a close […]

The Anatomy of Silence: Examining What Gets in the Way of Talking About Sexual Violence

I said #MeToo—but I was scared that it wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference. That fear was what led me to compile “The Anatomy of Silence,” an anthology of non-fiction and creative narratives about the silence that surrounds sexual violence.

Women Have Already Won

We should be proud of what we have accomplished during this election for women and for the future of our democracy.

Closing the Political Gender Gap Starts in the Classroom

Among U.S. high school students, boys and girls are equally interested in running for office. As college students, however, things change dramatically.

Eleanor Roosevelt’s Election Day Advice for Women

“You and I have to correct anything that is wrong—and we can always be heard.”

My Vote, My Voice, Our History

I’m voting today to honor those who went before me and fought, tooth and nail, to ensure that I could. And I’m voting to make sure their vision of a more just and equal world gets a little closer to becoming a reality.

Why it Matters When Women Lead in Politics—and Why You Should Vote

For too long, gender has determined who holds the decision-making power in this country and around the world—and that needs to change.

“When They Go Low, We Go Vote!”

100,000 people marched to the polls in Chicago ahead of the midterm elections. Across the country, feminists today are doing the same.

Immigrant Children Shouldn’t Live in a Climate of Shame and Fear

As a caravan of an estimated 7,500 immigrants traveled to the United States, President Donald Trump suggested that Democrats helped to organize it—aiding “bad people” to start it and “very bad people” to be a part of it. This shame and punishment is familiar to me. It’s a place I’ve lived as an undocumented child in America. 

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