Convicted Rapist Brock Turner Wants A New Trial and Lesser Charges

The former Stanford University student who faced an “unusually light” six-month jail sentence following his conviction for three felony counts of sexual assault is appealing the decision and asking for a new trial.

Harvesting Hope for Women Farmworkers

Over 60 percent of female farmworkers in a 2010 study said they had experienced some form of sexual harassment. A 2012 report of 52 female farmworkers found that almost all of them had experienced sexual violence. One group is fighting back—and they need support.

We Can’t Achieve Peace and Security Until We End Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a very present danger to women in times of conflict. That must be reflected in our policies and strategies to achieve peace.

Right-Wing Attempts to Discredit Roy Moore’s Accusers Are Failing

This time, victim-blaming has failed—demonstrating the power of a re-invigorated movement against rape culture from Hollywood to Washington.

Between Sexual Assault and Sex Panic

We must believe that most women understand the difference between the single inappropriate hug or a random sexual joke and rape and harassment.

Roy Moore’s Accuser Responds to His Attacks on Her Character: “I Am Done Being Silent”

“I sat quietly for too long, out of concern for my family. No more.”

We Must Shatter Silence—And Shift Our Sexist Culture

It is not a “culture of secrecy” that must end in politics. What must end is our gendered culture that has privileged men’s desires and needs over the safety and security of women.

For Women in the Military, Choice is Complicated

U.S. servicewomen—who have higher rates of unintended pregnancy than civilian women—do not have adequate access to abortion services and related care.

Women Less Likely to Receive CPR from Strangers—Because Breasts

A new study found that 39 percent of women suffering cardiac arrest in a public place were given CPR, compared to 45 percent of men—who were 23 percent more likely to survive.

When Sexism is the Difference Between War and Peace

Before Thanksgiving, a committee with a 21:1 male-to-female ratio heard testimony from three men on whether one man should be able to blow up the planet.

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