What We Can Learn From Women’s Historic Election Wins

We should seize the opportunity to learn from trailblazing new leaders and think big about what women who are now considering running for office might gain from their examples.

What About the Sexual Harasser in the White House?

There’s now  long and growing list of well-known men who’ve recently seen their careers shortened or ended after accusations of sexual misconduct. And then there’s Donald Trump.

Elizabeth May Wants More Women in Parliament

Elizabeth May—the leader of the federal Green Party and sole Green Member of Parliament (MP)—wants more female company.

Right-Wing Attempts to Discredit Roy Moore’s Accusers Are Failing

This time, victim-blaming has failed—demonstrating the power of a re-invigorated movement against rape culture from Hollywood to Washington.

Securing Peace on Earth

In a move that elevates women’s role in the prevention and resolution of conflict globally, Clare Hutchinson has been appointed as NATO’s Special Representative for women, peace and security.

Lawmakers Are Using Tax Reform Legislation to Push an Anti-Abortion Agenda

The latest tax reform bill enables the naming of fetuses as beneficiaries of college savings plans. That policy could codify the anti-abortion notion of “personhood” into law.

A Night of Firsts: Women Won Big and Made History in Tuesday’s Elections

On the eve of the one-year anniversary of the 2016 elections, voters across the country delivered historic wins for women candidates.

The 10 Most Egregious Things about Trump’s New Rules on Birth Control Coverage

How appropriate that these scary new rules went into effect on Friday the 13th!

Attorneys General are Suing the Trump Administration to Protect Birth Control Access

Feminist leaders were swift to fight back against the Trump administration’s new rules watering-down contraceptive coverage under the ACA—and so were Attorneys General in four states.

Economic Justice Isn’t Part of Trump’s Budget

The budget proposes $1.5 trillion in cuts to federal spending, setting its particular sights on the decimation of programs that aid lower income families, the elderly, students and women.

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