No More MANels: How TruCon Diversified the Dialogue on National Security

Every keynote speaker, panelist and other presenter at Truman National Security Project’s recent annual member conference was a woman.

Capitol Hill’s #MeToo Moment is Long Overdue

I tried to obtain simple information about filing a misconduct complaint against a Representative—and encountered a troubling series of gatekeeping and stonewalling procedures.

This Week in Women: Taking Steps Toward Gender Parity in Politics Worldwide

Tuesday’s primaries broke the record for the number of women who have secured a major party nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives. In Argentina, a disappointing vote on abortion was still a milestone for women.

Are We Seeing a Historic Gender Gap? Not Exactly.

There has been an intense focus on gender in the 2018 midterms. How will it affect female voters in November?

Will Promoting Gender Equality Be a Winning Strategy for Women Candidates in the Midterms?   

Will running on such gender equality platforms be helpful for Democratic candidates more generally—and women candidates, more specifically—come November? 

Young Feminists are Waging a New Fight for the Ballot

Whether working the phone bank for Hillary Clinton or debating criminal justice policy at the dinner table, Sylvana Widman can’t remember a time she didn’t follow politics. She also can’t remember voting—but that’s not her fault. She’s not old enough.

Meet the Young Feminists Fighting Sexual Harassment in Canadian Politics

Sexual harassment and abuse are pushing women out of Canadian politics. A new group headed up by young women hopes to change the culture in order to keep them there.

Will Misogyny Disqualify Men from Political Power in 2018? 

While allegations of inappropriate behavior and inaction to punish it have forced resignations and derailed campaigns in the past 18 months, voters’ intolerance for misogynist behavior and beliefs is far from universal.

Campaigning While Black: Janelle Bynum Speaks Out on Police Violence and Being a Better Neighbor

State Rep. Janelle Bynum was campaigning in a neighborhood in her district when a resident called the police on her—because she thought Bynum, a black woman, was “spending a lot of time at homes and appearing to be casing the neighborhood while on her phone.”

Nothing About Us Without Us: Women and People of Color Should Be Shaping Our Immigration Policies

When women are involved in peace and security talks, the solutions produce more successful results. That’s why we need more women and people of color in the room to craft solutions to Trump’s border crisis.

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