Radical Romance: Examining Our Disruptive Affection for AOC

I felt a heart-warming spark of hope as I stamped my frozen feet this January in New York City, awaiting my beloved Ocasio Cortez at the 2019 Women’s March. Maybe we have finally wiped the fairy dust out of our eyes. Maybe we have started building a future that is not about our own individual love stories, but our love for humanity and our love for the Earth.

What the State of the Union Showed Us About Black Women’s Political Power

Stacey Abrams’ speech reminded us that when Black women lead and vote, problems get solved.

Meet the Feminists Ready to Talk Back to Trump from the Audience at the State of the Union

After much debate and delay, President Trump will deliver his State of the Union address tonight—and the audience will be ready to talk back. 

What’s Next for the Feminist Resistance?

In advance of of the 2020 elections—and the 100th year of women’s right to vote—I spoke to Katherine Spillar, executive editor of Ms., about the role feminists played in the last election, and how we can continue expanding on our victories.

Do Quotas Actually Help Women in Politics?

The scholarly evidence is overwhelming clear: Electoral quotas are important to increasing women’s representation in politics. But we’re still seeking more answers to questions about their finer details.

Hillary Was Right: Real Talk About the Deplorables

Unless we reckon with the depth and staying power of white supremacy and toxic masculinity, we will never be able to do anything more than defend what little inclusion and democracy we have. That begins with acknowledging it.

Fighting for Black Women’s Equality After Election Day

Black women didn’t just get out and vote in November—we got out the vote, in communities across the country, and changed the face of Congress.

LISTEN: Kamala Harris Sounds Off on Speaking Truth

“We have work to do. Hard work. Indispensable work… But we have to hurry—and we have to be willing to speak truth.”

Women Who Know Their Place: Meet the New Feminists in the Senate

Meet the feminist challengers who won in November—and are taking their fights to the Senate starting today.

Women Who Know Their Place: Meet the New Feminists in the House of Representatives

Meet the 36 feminists being sworn in on Capitol Hill today to serve in the House.

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