Donald Trump Hired a Disgraced Fox Executive to the White House Press Team

Bill Shine, a now-disgraced former Fox News executive who assisted in covering-up sex crimes at the network, is now the White House deputy chief of staff for communications.

What Brett Kavanaugh’s Court Would Mean for Women: Unpacking the Far-Right Record of Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

Kavanaugh’s nomination threatens the balance of the Court and endangers decades of progress for women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and civil rights in the United States.

Democracy in Color

It’s time for the media to report the stories of Black women in politics, and for white women leaders to support, elevate, celebrate and get behind the many women of color stepping forward into leadership. We have a lot to learn, and the country has a lot to gain.

California Says Enough: Taking On Sexual Harassment in the Golden State’s Legislature

The Joint Legislative Rules Committee of the California Legislature unanimously approved a proposal for investigating sexual harassment complaints from within the chamber in the wake of widespread allegations of misconduct.

The Ms. Q&A: Dr. Jackson Katz is Taking on the Toxic Masculinity of Donald Trump—and U.S. Politics At-Large

Ms. talked to educator, author and feminist advocate Dr. Jackson Katz about sexism in U.S. politics, what it will take to unpack the bigotry of our institutions and how we can best push back against the toxic masculinity of the Trump administration.

Ms. Muse Independence Day Special: Three Feminist Poets Take on the Border Crisis

This month’s special installment of Ms. Muse features new works by three feminist poets—Simone-Marie Feigenbaum, Jess Burnquist and Lisha Adela García—about the southern border and how the U.S. treats immigrants seeking to live and work in America—people risking their lives to save their lives.

Women are Shaking Up the System in Mexico’s Elections

Regardless of the outcomes, Mexico’s elections have shined new light on gender and racial inequities across the country—and opened the floodgates for new opportunities for female leadership moving forward.

Jacinda Ardern’s Maternity Leave is a Milestone

When Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, gave birth last week, she became only the second elected world leader to do so while in office—and the first to take maternity leave.

Feminist Experts Weigh in on the G7 Summit’s Mixed Results for Women

This year’s G7 had the potential to advance a feminist agenda globally. Did it succeed?

Could Women’s Economic Empowerment Worldwide Actually Win in Washington?

New legislation in the House signals that Congress may finally be catching on—and recognizing that investing in women’s economic growth can multiply impacts throughout entire communities and societies.

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