A Menacing Speech on the Global Stage

Imagine a world where countries only act in their own self-interest? It’s a gloomy vision—and one where women and girls are invariably left behind.

Are We Really Surprised?

On Sunday, the President of the United States retweeted a doctored video in which he hits a golf ball that subsequently hits and knocks over Hillary Clinton.

Tracking—and Funding—Women’s Progress in the Age of Trump

Next week kicks off the annual UN General Assembly. For women’s rights observers, it’s worth a check-in: How are women doing worldwide?

The Department of Injustice

While politics have always influenced the priorities of the Civil Rights Division, both Republic and Democratic appointees heading the Division have supported its core mission—to enforce the nation’s civil rights laws. But is that still true?

A Red Dystopia

Any dystopia that I try to imagine to write about as part of a science fiction future draws from a documented history of the abuse of women in nearly every culture.

What Happened to Washington’s Women Ambassadors?

The number of women ambassadors to Washington, DC has been steadily dropping since 2013.

#HereToStay: The Fight to Defend DACA Isn’t Over

While the threat to end DACA has been looming for weeks, the program is still in place today. The resistance, once again, is working, but we must keep fighting.

Gender Mainstreaming Loses Out Under UN Peacekeeping Budget Cuts

In 2017 alone, there has been over $600 million cut from UN peacekeeping budgets—which will result in a marginalization of gender in senior decision-making processes.

Ignoring Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan is Not the Right “Path Forward”

“We are here to kill terrorists” is not a strategy. Instead, it is tantamount to cutting off the head of hydra—where one is cut, two more grow.

We’re (Still) at War

Despite the ambiguity of outcomes in Afghanistan, the outcomes in America are clear: U.S. military service members are going to stay at war, and the president’s core base of support will cheer him for it.

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