That Thing She Had One Time: Exploring Abortion Stigma On Screen

“You’re going to have to come back in five days. You’re too early to schedule an abortion.” This is the moment when Jordan collapses into tears.

Stop Prosecuting Abortion!

The logical consequence of abortion bans—and indeed, all false claims that equate abortion or birth control with murder—is sending women to jail. This isn’t just theory or speculation. It’s already happening. 

Abortion Clinics Nationwide Face Violence, Harassment and Threats When They Open Their Doors

Nearly one-quarter of clinics reported confronting the most severe forms of anti-abortion threats and violence in 2018— including death threats, stalking and blocking clinic access—and nearly half reported incidents of severe threats, violence and harassment like robberies, break-ins and vandalism.

How Polish Women are Pushing Back on Anti-Abortion Policies

Polish politicians and the Catholic church claim that an abortion ban would protect “unborn life,” but women’s lives seem to be of no concern to them.

What Choice Means to Childfree Women

Women, children and communities thrive when parenthood is a choice that is made freely, and not forcibly.

From Roe to Reproductive Justice

When young Asian immigrant women like Purvi Patel and Bei Bei Shuai are being criminalized for the outcomes of their pregnancies, all of us should be asking ourselves what more must be done to achieve reproductive justice—and not just secure our reproductive rights. 

What Losing Roe Would Mean for Women of Color

Overturning the landmark Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion could leave women facing handcuffs, not looking for coat hangers.

John Kasich’s Parting Gift to Women in Ohio Was This Abortion Ban

One week before Christmas, Ohio Governor John Kasich gave the women in his state a strange gift: He made the most common abortion procedure illegal, with exceptions only in cases where the woman’s health or life was at stake, and not for rape or incest.

What Comes After Imelda: Fighting for Reproductive Justice in El Salvador

A historic decision in December allowed Imelda Cortez to walk free, absolved of all charges, after 19 months in prison—and marked a milestone in the fight to end El Salvador’s cruel, draconian ban on abortion.

Jazmine Headley and Mothering While Black

Jazmine Headley went to a city office for a child care voucher so she could start a new job—instead, she got arrested and her baby was savagely ripped from her arms.

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