Inside Argentina’s Revolution of the Daughters

“The square was physically divided in two sides,” she recalls. On the right, a tide of green handkerchiefs had formed by those in favor of decriminalizing abortion; on the left, their opponents wore blue scarves.

Trump’s Border Practices are a National Shame

The Trump Administration has deeply offended the moral sensibilities of woman and mothers across the nation—and their border policies pose a threat not just to women’s lives, but to our democracy.

Patrisse Cullors Wants Reproductive Justice Activists to Show Up for Black Women

The Black Lives Matter co-founder sounded off on black women’s maternal health during a panel discussing with feminist activists and media-makers.

Meet the California Students Demanding On-Campus Abortion Access

Adiba Khan and Marandah Rain Field-Elliot are part of a student-led revolution demanding an expansion of access to comprehensive reproductive health care at public universities.

Irish Citizens Are #HomeToVoteYes

They’re coming from Los Angeles. From Buenos Aires. From Toronto. From Tokyo. This week, thousands of Irish citizens took to the skies on their way to the polls, heading home to end a draconian abortion ban.

Trump’s Domestic Gag Rule is a Deadly Attack on Poor Women

In its latest attack on reproductive rights, the Trump administration has proposed a new rule prohibiting women’s health clinics that receive federal funding under Title X from “performing, promoting, referring for or supporting abortion as a method of family planning.”

Mexico’s Supreme Court Rules That Abortion Care for Rape Survivors is a Human Right

In two back-to-back landmark decisions, Mexico’s Supreme Court last month ruled that denying women access to abortion after rape is a violation of their human rights.

Kenyan Court Ruling Demands Accountability in the Global Maternal Health Crisis Facing Black Women

A woman who was physically and verbally abused while giving birth at a hospital in Kenya was awarded $25,000 last month in a landmark court decision that expanded conversations around black women’s reproductive health and rights—and the global maternal mortality epidemic facing black mothers.

Reproductive Rights are Still Human Rights—Even if the Trump Administration Won’t Say So

The State Department’s Country Report on Human Rights Practices provides a detailed account each year of the status of human rights policies around the world. But the first version to be released under the Trump Administration didn’t include any coverage of reproductive health and rights.

Indiana’s Dangerous Anti-Abortion Laws are Mike Pence’s Legacy

A new law in Indiana requiring providers to track women’s medical lives after abortion is a pure expression of the ideology that men and the state must control women’s bodies and sexualities—and Mike Pence is its mascot.

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