Moving from Shackling to System Change: What’s Next in the Fight for Reproductive Justice for Incarcerated Women

North Carolina officials have announced that prison officers will no longer shackle incarcerated women during childbirth—but the organizers and advocates at SisterSong, the women of color reproductive justice collective that led the campaign against shackling in the state, aren’t yet embarking on a victory march.

Reproductive Justice Activists in Africa are Speaking Out Against Trump’s Global Gag Rule

Under previous administrations, restrictions on funding under the Global Gag Rule totaled around $575 million. Under Trump, those restrictions have extended to $8.8 billion—and women around the world are paying the price with their health and their lives.

Recognizing the Real Legacy of Dr. James Marion Sims

A statue honoring Dr. James Marion Sims has been removed from Central Park—but the enduring effects of his grotesque experiments on enslaved women continue to imperil black women’s lives.

A New Front Line in Mississippi’s Fight for Reproductive Justice

Activists are paving the way for an abortion-friendly future for Mississippi with a scholarship fund for future providers.

Walking “20 Weeks” in Her Shoes

Leena Pendharkar’s film 20 Weeks allows viewers to walk in the shoes of a couple making a major decision around pregnancy and abortion—flipping the script to let the personal drive the political.

Feminist and Trans Advocates are Fighting the Trump Administration’s Discriminatory Policies Together

The Health Department’s religious refusal rule ironically paved the way for a coalition of trans and feminist groups to work side-by-side—and fight back with an intersectional analysis.

The Supreme Court Should #EndTheLies

The Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments this month in a case which could determine the future of fake clinics and their ability to spread misinformation to patients nationwide. In response, hundreds of activists gathered in D.C. to demand that so-called Crisis Pregnancy Centers #EndTheLies.

Mississippi’s Governor is Intent on Ending Abortion in the State—But Providers Are Fighting Back

The last clinic standing in Mississippi is fighting for their patients—and women’s lives hang in the balance as the state’s governor pushes for a 15-week abortion ban.

These Anti-Abortion Laws are Bad Medicine—And They’re Hurting Women Across the Country

44 states in the U.S. have passed laws undermining women’s access to abortion by mandating burdensome and medically unnecessary requirements. 19 have passed at least five.

Sorry, Rick Santorum: Single Moms Aren’t to Blame for Gun Violence

Blame for the Parkland shooting that left 17 dead last month has been cast in many directions—and Rick Santorum took to the airwaves to pin the tragedy on single mothers.

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