Legislation in South Carolina Would Give Fertilized Eggs Legal Rights (and Strip Women of Theirs)

The battle over abortion rights in South Carolina continued this week, with legislation moving through the Senate Judiciary Committee that intends to end legal abortion in the state.

Teodora is Going Home

El Salvador’s Supreme Court commuted the sentence of a woman serving 30 years in prison for a stillbirth—declaring that “arguments of a legal nature, of justice and equity, justify her commutation.”

Pro-Choice Activists Kept Toledo’s Only Abortion Clinic Open

An Ohio abortion clinic that was dangerously close to ceasing services will continue providing abortions thanks to activist pressure—including efforts by Ms. co-founder Gloria Steinem.

Challenging Anti-Abortion Junk Science, One Billboard at a Time

A network of independent abortion providers are pushing back on the latest string of anti-abortion rhetoric in a big way.

Pregnant Workers Facing Discrimination Need a #MeToo Movement

Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace has been illegal for four decades, but employers still use pregnancy as an excuse to push women out of the workplace, especially in blue-collar jobs. Just ask Amanda Van Fleet.

We Heart: The Web Series Using Humor to Smash Abortion Stigma

“I would love for everyone to say ‘I know someone who’s had an abortion, or I know someone who runs a clinic, because I watched CTRL ALT DELETE.'”

Safe and Supported: Inside the DIY Abortion Movement

As abortion becomes harder to access, more and more women are taking matters into their own hands with self-managed abortion—buying abortion pills on the internet and using them without medical supervision.

Student Activists and Lawmakers Want to Bring Medication Abortion to California Campuses

A student government resolution passed two years ago at UC Berkeley inspired legislation that would require public colleges in California to offer medication abortion in campus health centers. 

The Global Gag Rule Still Matters

Whether in our own backyard or beyond our borders, we cannot allow bad policy and funding cuts to cost women and girls their lives.

America After Roe

The battle over abortion wouldn’t end if Roe were reversed.

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